Woodn’t it be Lovely?

Woodn’t it be lovely, to be able to apply a multitude of beading, and mixed media techniques, to a beautiful piece of wood? Plus, I’m using a renewable supply, so that’s an added bonus! I’ve been making Natural Art Brushes this week, out of driftwood, and fallen branches.

I am fascinated by Leslie Rottner Art’s brushes! I spotted them on Instagram, a while back, and have been waiting for her to develop a workshop, When she did, I signed up! Now I see them everywhere I look! Is it synchronicity? Do all artist’s share the same mind? It’s definitely a hive mind!

Mark making has been around for ever, but I haven’t even dipped my new brushes in ink yet!

I love Leslie’s class (no, not Zoom)! Four brushes made, but six more prepped, plus driftwood, and sticks on my balcony.

Woodn’t it be lovely
Woodn’t it be lovely
Woodn’t it be lovely
Woodn’t it be lovely
Woodn’t it be lovely
Woodn’t it be lovely

I will bead a couple of them, but they’re not talking to me yet!

Woodn’t it be lovely if I had some wild and crazy beading to show you? I focus my energy on the brushes, then ignore everything else!! I am obsessed!!! It doesn’t help that the weather is strange for November. 18-21C days at this time of the year?

Two of my older driftwood pieces, plus one embellished with Quick Cure Clay.

I stitched a few rows on my “Dancing” pandemic piece, but I’m slowing down. BeadFX is missing my purchases!

Lest we forget our veterans, today is Remembrance Day! Bow your head at 11:11 am, for two minutes of silence, to remember those that fought (fight) for us, and those that we’ve lost. They are not forgotten!

Woodn’t it be lovely, if we always remembered, and never had to worry about wars again?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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