Just Do Something!

If just do something isn’t enough of a clue, then I don’t know what the heck I will do with you! It’s time to keep safe, and hunker down, while remembering to explore your creativity.

I predict that there will be an awful lot of handmade gifts this year, and a quick visit to BeadFX, will help you to explore your options, yet still add that spark, to stir you to action.

Of course, if you’ve been reading my blog posts, you will definitely figure out that I don’t just bead! I call myself a mixed-up media artist, because I’m a technique junkie. It works for me, but wouldn’t work for everyone. Be true to your passions, but just do something!

It is soon to be the season for gift giving, so why not dream up a little something, something, for your loved ones? Check out our BeadFX Inspirations, then scrutinize the website, because that’s where you will find a ton of projects!

Another prediction is that masks, and mask chains, will be popular gifts for this holiday season (show your loved ones that you care)! We can help you with the elastic, and aluminum nose wires (mask supplies), but the fabric, is up to you. However, we’re definitely the place to find seed beads, stringing supplies, crimp beads, and large lobster claw clasps. My recommendation is 15mm at the minimum (for round, or skinny elastic), but Amanda was able to source out some even larger ones. They’re so cool!

I was in a bit of a slump, but now I’m working on all sorts of crazy projects. But that’s no different than any other week. LOL! How about a little show and tell?

A crazy little wire-wrapped bead, as a result of a challenge from Dwyn to do something, with a package of large wooden beads. I still haven’t figured out how to make it stand up, so it may end up hanging from the Xmas tree. Dwyn will provide a more perfect photo, at some later date.

just do something

My latest Paper Stitch Meditation. The image is from an art magazine, and I’m using the Momigami technique (I confess that I’m not using oil with these ones, so they’re more fragile)..

just do something
Do you see how I repaired the tears in the paper? It works!!

More of my Natural Art Brushes, as a result of Leslie Rottner Art’s workshop. I’m loving this process, and am having fun sourcing different bristles. Dwyn even gifted me with some lovely, soft horse hair, that will be put to use on future brushes (mane hair, from her friend’s senior horse).

just do something
Leftover threads from my Stitch Meditations, and bristles from an old broom.
just do something
Feathers, and 22 gauge bare copper wire. It will be interesting to see how this one changes over time.
just do something
Netting from an old bath puff!

I’m thinking about how I could incorporate beads, but will only show when I have the perfect solution!

This one is silly, and temporary, but includes a vintage wood spindle (gifted from a friend), and bristles from my balcony broom. Be careful, because nothing is sacred now!!

Mark making, from two separate brushes. The circles, and a few other marks, were made by the wire-wrapped, feather brush shown.

A small, Neurographic line drawing from a few weeks ago, but painted just recently. Sketchbook fodder!!

Two bead assortments, that will end up gracing a future Inspiration. Reminds me of home, and Xmas long ago!! I wonder what I will do with them?

If you’re ready for a burst of creativity, then I encourage you to just do something! That’s a mantra that I used on myself, and it’s apparently working. Please use your creativity, to add a positive spin to a very challenging time. I wish you all the very best of health and happiness!!

Be smart! Keep safe, social distance, keep your gatherings small, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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