This and That 2020 – and that’s how the story begins!

This and that 2020, is definitely how the story begins! What else could you expect?

I have not been particularly creative this week, because I was rushing to get some parcels in the mail (all that wrapping is tiring). I made my deadline, so now I get to sit back and relax. Not really, because I still need to work on my in-town gifts, but at least I have a couple more weeks (I work fast!).

Toronto, retail is shut down now (don’t get me started on the exceptions, which I’m personally boycotting), so Christmas shopping is a totally new on-line adventure. BeadFX is still busy with the 20% off sale (ends Wednesday, midnight), on-line orders, and curb-side pickup! No fa-la-la for us yet!!

Makers are having a heyday, because we’re never stuck for gifts! There’s always just a few more to make!!

My “this and that 2020” post, will not include any of my Xmas gifts, because I’m not giving out any hints this year. Nope, no guessing, or peeking for my family, and friends, so don’t even try!

I did manage to play with two of the wooden beads (Dwyn’s challenge), but one has gone mysteriously missing, so I’m only showing the other this week. I’m calling it a dark and stormy bead, but it does have interesting results! By the way, I suspect that the dust bunnies kidnapped the first bead, and are holding it for ransom, under the couch!! I wonder what would appease the dust bunny gods?

this and that 2020

First a dip in hot tea (black), then wrapped in black coated, steel wire from the hardware store. The package said that the wire was rust proof, but I decided to douse it in vinegar, just to see what would happen (I left it soaking in a container of vinegar, for 30 minutes). Rust did not form, but marks appeared, when the black coating started to dissolve. Interesting! After it dried, I coated with Vintaj Glaze Matte.

Then, in true Stitch Meditation form, I decided to combine wool felt (a bag of bits from The Olive Sparrow), and my Stitch Bit idea! Is this another series forming? I like them, so more will follow! Good thing that I have lots of bits in my stash!!

this and that 2020

My one and only round “Twinchie” (in this case, a 2″ circle), made early last year. I uncovered it, while rooting around for something else. I think that it would make a nice brooch.

this and that 2020

Speaking of Dwyn, she gave me some golden bits to play with. I wonder what I will create with them?

this and that 2020

I’m back on the retro trail, with some paper bowls, and my Sari Silk Bracelets. All made years ago, but still relevant!

Teeny ones!

I started thinking about new “Inspirations”, and how many could I create, before year end? So, I picked out a selection of warm toned, Czech seed beads, but no ideas so far! The colours are rich, delicious, and intensive!

this and that 2020

Pearls would make a great “Inspiration”, and these ones are simply divine! Necklace, bracelet, or earrings?

this and that 2020

A blog post title of “this and that 2020”, left me with lots of room for development, so I took full advantage. If you’re looking for quick gift ideas, I promise to show a few next week.  Keep tuned!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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