Gifts and Stuff – Oh the possibilities!

Gifts and stuff are definitely the stars in this blog post! No, not an instructional post, but rather an exploration of possibilities.

I’ve been making presents, for friends and family, for most of my adult life! I don’t have photos of earlier ones, but I’ve been keeping records of my favourites, for quite a few years. Not all were actually gifted, but all would be appropriate.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy my gifts and stuff show! Retro is good!

Let’s start out with a few favourites! Many were workshops, but somehow I managed to squeeze a few gifts out of them as well. First up, Altered Dominoes. They seem to have gone out of fashion, but they were certainly a lot of fun to make, and teach. I still remember the raucous behavior of some of my students (you know who you are!). Of course, I was an absolute angel!! Beware though! The process is addicting!!

gifts and stuff

I started making paper bowls, a very long time ago, after I fell in love with ones that a Facebook friend, from Germany was making. I bugged her for the process, then proceeded to make them my own. The ones below, are after I decided to teach a class at BeadFX. Of course, they needed to include beads!

gifts and stuff

A bead embroidered leaf! More controlled than some of my other intuitive work, but great as a brooch (if only I finished it off)!

gifts and stuff

A very masculine box, which was a wee gift for my brother, a couple of years ago. It included a painted washer (topped with resin), hand printed fabric, and a combination of hand, and free-motion machine embroidery.

gifts and stuff

How about some free motion stitching, combined with hand embroidery, and beads? These ones never made it to a class, or were gifted, but I still have them hanging around. One day!

I hosted a 4″ x 4″ crazy quilt mail swap, and made boxes with some of the blocks. Mine is the black and white one, with the copper tree! Yes, I beaded all the edges together. Is a swap, a gift? Felt like it to me!

Just a crazy little star, not given as a gift, but could have been! She makes me smile, although she might be just a tad overdone! I threw, whatever I had at her!! LOL!

Adirondack Alcohol Inks, on Yupo Paper, and glass tiles (plus a few with either collage, or images). Nope, we don’t sell the inks, but they’re easily available. Also no, to these particular tiles, but we do have others. Some, with bezels included.

gifts and stuff

I love paper beads, but haven’t made any for years. Perhaps I’ll gift you with some instructions, in a future BeadFX “Inspiration” (like this one). A mixed media necklace would be fun!

gifts and stuff

I love resin! Wouldn’t you like to make some of these? Just so you know, BeadFX does carry Ice Resin.

My crazy little Silly Goose doll! I love her, and couldn’t bear to gift her away!!

Owls made for a mail swap (years ago)! Wouldn’t they make great ornaments?

For the life of me, I can’t remember who received this tree, but it was definitely a Christmas gift.

But that’s not all! How about my Story Brooches?

Christmas balls, decorated with Alcohol Inks, a little messy, but definitely fun!!

How about framing some bead embroidered, or hand stitched (Stitch Meditation) pieces? They would look fabulous (but no photos to show)!!

I haven’t included any this post, but you could also think of making bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Mixed media, or more traditional, geared to the recipient. Jewelry is always appreciated, and don’t forget mask chains. I might even treat you to a few more photos next week!

I hope that you enjoyed my gifts and stuff show! I’ve posted this for your inspiration, but I hope that your takeaway is to make some handmade gifts. You still have time to make a few small ones, but if not for this year, definitely for next.

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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