Retro Gifting Post: Exploring your options!

My retro gifting post, is not intended as a “how to” post, but rather an introduction to possibilities. Beading, and crafting in general is a pretty wide field, but we are all in it together, so let’s have some fun!

First, I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays, or whatever else you celebrate! I know this has been a dismal year, but it’s almost over, and things will get better in 2021, so let’s get crafting!

First up on my retro gifting post are some of the simpler items.

retro gifting post
Stretchy bracelets.
retro gifting post
Simple earrings!
retro gifting post
Would you believe laminate samples from the home improvement store + chopped up Xmas cards, wrapping paper, and a little paint?

Next, a little more complicated, but still doable.

retro gifting post
Sari Silk Beads, plus wire, beads, and stuff! BeadFX can help you with the beads, and wire!
retro gifting post
Fibre brooches! An offshoot of my Stitch Meditations.

Wood + paper + resin + a little drilling! I used to teach a workshop in how to make these.

Definitely more complicated, but I do love the results! Okay, not this year, but how about next?

More paper bowls, because they’re some of my favourites!
Wrapped, embroidered, and beaded stone.
retro gifting post
Beach stone, covered with beads. Free-form peyote stitch.
Intuitive bead embroidery.

How about a little more fibre? This time, a couple of 4″ X 4″ Stitch Meditations, from my 2019 series. I made 100 of them that year!

retro gifting post

Mounted and framed, they would make great gifts!

How about printing, and framing one of your favourite photographs? I have about a million of them, but I always love anything with water, the sounds of silence, and mist! Skookum Lake, in Northern Ontario.

Now on to a few other things!

Does this describe me? I’m not really a wanderer, but some of the rest is correct. I do like bohemian jewelry though!
Words to live by, or should I say to eat by!
A holiday project or two, perhaps?

The end of my retro gifting post is here, but so is the end of 2020 (or will be soon)! I’m sad for the first, but not for the second.Things are looking up for 2021, but we still have a long ways to go! The holidays will look very different this year, and many will be sad, so don’t forget to reach out to your friends and families, because all we have is each other. A phone call, email, or text, can go a long way to help! So can a safe, porch drop off of holiday delights!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands! We can do it, I know that we can!!

Anne Marie

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