Good Riddance 2020 – Come to Mama 2021!

Good riddance 2020 is an appropriate title for this blog post! It has not been a good year overall, so I’m certainly not sorry to see the back of it.

It has been devastating for many, but beading, stitching, arting, and crafting in general, has helped to keep many of us sane, grounded, and in control of our emotions. When this is all over, you will see that there has been a renaissance in the beading, quilting, sewing, and knitting/crocheting movements. I’m sure that there are other crafts out there that I might have missed, but you get the picture!

Of course, we’ve had to learn new things, including revising our shopping habits. If a business had an existing on-line customer base, they were off to the races. However, many other non-essential businesses had to jump into the on-line market, to survive in this new reality. BeadFX was lucky in this respect! So not all was bad when you consider good riddance 2020.

Who said that beading wasn’t essential? Certainly not our customers!!

Now, back to good riddance 2020! I must admit that it’s not been all bad, for me. I’ve been extremely creative, and have even started making artist brushes (out of driftwood), which I had never thought of, before excessive internet trolling, became my leisure activity of choice. Who knows, I might even start selling some of them in 2021.

Yes, I’ve done some on-line shopping, but I do not recommend shopping for winter boots, unless you’re positive about your perfect fit, in a particular brand. Ask me how I know?  Art, stitching supplies, and electronics are completely different. I adapted to those on-line vendors very well, although I’m still waiting for an electronic item I ordered before December 15th. It was out-of-stock before then, but I had no idea that it was coming from the U.S. They said that I should expect delivery by January 11th, but the latest is that it might be even later. Ha! Now I’m positive that something has gone wrong, and I sure hope that it does not get further caught up in customs issues.

I made many of my Xmas gifts, and also some flat cards this year. But strangely, did not photograph all of them, because I got caught up in the wrapping, and sending! I love making presents, and have been doing it all my adult life! The trick is to make sure that the people you gift them to, actually appreciate a hand-made gift.

So, let me show you a few!

Flat cards, suitable for framing.

Fibre collage brooches. I did make a few more, but neglected to photograph.

I could have added beads, but didn’t! Next time!!

A beach stone, that I’ve wrapped, and hand stitched. It was part of a Secret Santa gift, for someone who loves the colour blue!

I’ve taken a few days off , and won’t be back until BeadFX re-opens on January 4th. While I welcome the rest, I still do not have idle hands. I was alone for the holidays, but was kept busy with family phone calls, then working on my “Dancing” free form peyote, pandemic piece. As I had ordered my turkey dinner, from a local caterer, I even had time for a nap!

Lots of red and white, to honour the day, but other colours did sneak in!

Since then, I have made two hand-stitched orbs, in true Stitch Meditation form. The first is colourful, and scrappy (some of my scraps, plus others from a friend)!

The second, was made from Eco-print hand-me-down’s, from another friend (gifted to me, months ago). Her seconds, are my welcome fibre collage fodder! I have good friends…they get me!

The base of the orbs, is 100% New Zealand Wool, Dryer Balls. They are felted, woolen balls, meant to be thrown in the dryer, to eliminate static electricity (and the use of fabric softeners). I stitched the fabric directly onto the orbs, then hand embroidered them. It was a little awkward at first, but you get used to it. Warning! These are addictive, and I’m sure that I will be making more. I purchased six of them, and my sister sent me another four, as part of my Christmas gift. Perhaps a few will even make it into the dryer! LOL!

I did make another one, as a gift, but forgot to photograph.

Lastly, here’s the lost wooden bead, from several blog posts ago (it didn’t roll under the couch after all). I collaged it with torn bits of dried, and emptied, Tetley Tea bags, then varnished with Vintaj Glaze in Matte.I have already made one “Inspiration”, but hope make a couple more before I return to work. Then, I need to write up instructions, and pass to Dwyn for photography. I even heard a rumour, that she may be making one as well. We will be back on track to inspire you, very soon!

Good riddance 2020, but it’s only two days until 2021, so things won’t change immediately. We will have more of the same, for quite a while, but hope, in the form of the vaccine, is there for a return to normalcy. It’s still going to be a long haul, so we must be patient, and remain vigilant. My dreams for the future, include further adjustments to the new normal, a return to teaching (on-line, &/or in-person), more beading, mixed media, and resin work, perhaps another magazine article, and continued creativity! Here’s to a better 2021 for the world!

Oops! I just realized that I didn’t do a “What’s on my bead mat” post for December. Oh well….I’ll try to catch up next week!

Keep safe, social distance, wear your mask, and wash your hands!


  1. celeste pennington

    ah. mother lode for ideas and supplies. online beading classes? I couldn’t have imagined pre-pandemic. beautiful offerings, these. maybe I will attend one day. Anne Marie’s blogs are touching, inspiring, well-written and photographed. this is a fun way to start a new year…thank you all.

    1. Anne Marie

      Thank you Celeste! It’s been a challenging year, for sure! But, I do love this blog, and BeadFX, for allowing me to communicate my random thoughts, and showcase my eclectic work, to interested readers. May 2021 be good to us all!!

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