The Cab-oniferous Period

Back in the caboniferous period, before the evolution of the button, mighty cabs ruled the earth, crashing through the jungle, terrorizing all who encountered them.

However – the evolution of the button, with its fancy-schmancy metal loop on the back, put paid to all but the hardiest of this now elusive species of adornment.

These days, those lovely, shank-less button cabs – so beloved of bead embroiderers, embellishers and other beady folk are an elusive species. But we managed to find some for you.

s66447 Czech Glass NOT A Button Cabochon -  Trio of Bees - Azure Nights66449 Czech Glass NOT A Button Cabochon -  Embossed Dragonfly - Matte Aqua Gold Mists66444 Czech Glass NOT A Button Cabochon -  Aztec Calendar - Rosy Gold

Of course, with any round-up of creatures as rare as this, a few stragglers are bound to get caught up in the excitement, and to that end, we also have some actual buttons.

s66443 Czech Glass Button -  Heart Flower - So Cobalts66442 Czech Glass Button -  Heart Flower - Rosy Posy Pinks66440 Czech Glass Button -  Heart Flower - Key Lime

So you can button up, button down, button hole, button push, belly button, or, un-button.

Need a little reading material? I don’t see the online grocery stores selling magazines.

I have to say – I 100% like online grocery shopping and I have no intention of going back when all this craziness is over.

s66295 Magazine - Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist -  2021 - January / Februarys66301 Magazine - Beadwork -  2021 - February / March

Bead on It BoardsRestocked¬† Yay! Didn’t get one for Christmas – heck with whoever ignored your hints and got you an “instapot,” get yourself a gift that you might actually use!

s66402 Bead on it Board - 8x16in/20x40cm Half Moon - Green Peacocks66404 Bead on it Board - 6in/15cm Square - Floral Trances66388 Bead on it Board - 6x11in/15x28cm Rectangle - Curious Kittens

They’ve come undone …

They’ve come unstrung … they didn’t know what they were beaded for, and when we found them on the floor – it was toooo laaaate – they’d come undone.

Again – supply chain issues – a number of the Czech 11/0 seedbeads that usually come in hanks, we can’t currently get in hanks, but we can get them
loose. So for now, we are shipping those in 40 gram bags, which is the same quantity (we measured). Somewhat annoying, I grant you if you needed them strung to work with, but best we can offer. Better than no beads, amiright?

Tubeless in Toronto

We are running short of tubes for packaging Delicas, Tohos, Miyukis, etc. If yours arrive in a plastic bag, rest assured that you received the same amount as you would have otherwise. Once our supplier is able to get their production line running again, we will go back to tubing. Apologies for the
disappointment this might cause you, and the general chaos this may make of your carefully organized drawers of beads.

Remember – support your local businesses. Shop Small!

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