Changing Lanes Again: It’s always fun!

Changing lanes again is always fun, at least to me it is. But then again, I’ve always loved change, even though I’m probably one of the few that actually welcome it.

Why would you want to keep doing the same old things, when you get a chance to enrich your life with a whole world of new things. It’s exciting, energizing, but scary just the same. Why not try something new, especially in these social distancing, and quarantining days. Just do it! Heaven knows, we need a dash of excitement in our lives, so why wait?

How would you do this? Well, I’ve always found that changing lanes again, frequently involves a few new books, concentrated web surfing, or even a class that showcases a new technique. There’s a whole smorgasbord of wonder out there, so why not take a wee bite? Retail therapy is required, so be prepared. LOL!

BeadFX is offering on-line classes, although I have not participated in any of the teaching, so far. It’s coming, but it’s obvious that I’m a slow adopter, so be patient.

In my life, I bead, embroider, play with paint, resin, photography, and even a little mixed media. Not to mention, my recent foray into making Natural Art Brushes. However, I have never made handmade books!

When my friend Cherryl, of Moote Points, offered me a chance to join her year-long bookmaking, and paper decorating workshop, I jumped at the chance! Why? Because she’s good, and it’s something that I’ve always admired, but just never got around to doing. Yes, there is math involved (eeeek!), but she does most of the heavy calculating, so all is good!

What does the act of making a few books, have to do with beads? Beads are a great embellishment, and can become the focal point of any book! None added yet, because I’m still working on getting the math, and the stitching right. Once that’s down pat, I will start fancifying the books, in my own artful dreamer style!

Here are a couple of little books that I worked on, after completing my prototypes. Of course, when you make books, you need to think about what to put inside them. I splashed ink, and graphite on my first one, but nothing after that. I’ll wait until they start talking to me a bit more. Oh, this is going to be so addicting!! My mind is just spinning!!

changing lanes again
changing lanes again
changing lanes again
This one needs a thicker thread for it’s closure. The button is a vintage one, from the family button jar.

Everybody knows that I love techniques, but if you don’t, you should now! I’m waiting for some ‘good’ paper to arrive (Arches Text Wove, for the text pages), so decided that I would work on a few covers, while I’m waiting. Some of you will recognize Adirondack Alcohol Inks, from earlier classes. I love them just as much now, as I did then.

changing lanes again
changing lanes again

Then, I played with this Neurographic Line Drawing, just to be different. This is a work in progress. There will be colouring, then folding involved, further down the line.

My books will eventually incorporate fibre, stitch, and an array of mixed media techniques. I have lots of ideas for covers, but less for the guts inside the pages. I will need Cherryl to coach me along for that part

But wait, there’s more to changing lanes again, you need stuff! I ordered linen thread, and the good paper. but then took a walk around my stash, and found many other products that I could use. Sigh! My stash needs to go on a diet!! It’s totally out of control! My class is full of enablers, and it will be a very expensive year for me. Shhh, don’t tell, but I will be enabling them too!

BeadFX will become a very important part of my bookmaking journey! Czech glass buttons, metal clasps, crystals, various types of beads, C-Lon thread, Kumihimo supplies, and bead backing, will all play a very important role. I can hardly wait to start blinging!

So, while changing lanes again, working on books, I’m thinking of new ways, to apply my favourite techniques. Many involve beads, stitch, and mixed media! Everything is interconnected!! What are you planning on doing to rev yourself up, then relieve pressure during our social isolation days?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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