Pearls & Sinew

grace and strength

Leather & Lace, Silk & Steel, Velvet & Iron – If you want to talk about contrasts, grace and strength, beauty and determination, elegance and toughness – you can add Pearls & Sinew to the list. I immediately get a picture in my head of a very proper older lady, thin as a rail,
backbone straight as a poker, with eyes the color of a storm cloud and a fierce determination to protect those which she considers to be her own. Her friends, her family, her land. There is a pack of dogs at her feet, a snooty cat at her elbow, and a garden where weeds fear to grow.

I want to be her.

Clearly – I’ve been reading a lot of Agatha Christie lately. 😉

Ok – you don’t have to dabble in dichotomies to appreciate this week’s offerings. You can appreciate them individually for their own strengths.

Glass Fashion Pearls

The best imitation pearls are made over a glass core – to give them weight so that they drape and hang nicely when hung in strands. These iridescent glass pearls are from Preciosa – who know a thing or two about glass beads (!!) and come in sizes from 2 to 16 mm. Granted – the far ends of that scale are limited to the most “pearl-like” colors of white and cream – with the snazzy colors in the mid-range sizes.

18088112-01S8 Glass Pearls - 8mm Round - Iridescent Light Cream (Strand)18088112-03S8 Glass Pearls - 8mm Round - Iridescent Grey (Strand)18088112-05S8 Glass Pearls - 8mm Round - Iridescent Red (Strand)

And, if you want to add a touch of traditional to your pearls, really go for the luxe look, we have added some 18K gold-plated

96104019-04 Jump Ring Open 6mm / 21ga - 18kt Goldplated (Pack)96104019-06 Headpins Flat head 30mm / 21ga - 18kt Goldplated (Pack)96104019-00 Earring Fish Hook 18mm - 18kt Goldplated (Pack)96104019-02 Jump Ring Open 12mm - 18kt Goldplated (Pack)

Sinew – Artificial Sinew

Artificial Sinew is a tough, flat ribbon-ish stringing and wrapping fibre – made with synthetic fibres. It has the property that you can split it into narrower widths, and it is waxed.Often used for traditional indigenous crafts, you can try it out for projects where you might be going for a bohemian look too, like a braided bracelet. Pair it with leather, hemp, and stone for an earthy and natural vibe.


75623023 Artificial Sinew -  70lb Test - Scarlet (spool)75623021-00 Artificial Sinew -  70lb Test - Natural (bobbin)75623022-00 Artificial Sinew -  70lb Test - Natural (spool)75623023-10 Artificial Sinew -  70lb Test - Black (spool)



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