Beading Wire Trials – and playful experiments!

Beading wire trials, seem to be an occasional occurrence for me! However, playful experiments will be the real name of the game.

I spotted some lonely hearts hanging on the wall, so decided to give myself a wee Valentine’s gift. Totally out of character for me, but the hearts are cute!! I won’t wear my heart on my sleeve, but figured that it would be okay to wear them on my wrist. In this case, simple was definitely better than fancy.

The crimping, went well at the beginning, but when I reached the end, I found that the hole in the bead, was too small for two pieces of wire. Horrors!!! Okay, not that bad, and definitely fixable, but a new plan was in order. I couldn’t find my bead reamer (or wondered if it would even make a difference), so decided to remake the bracelet. Results next week.

beading wire trials

Now that my beading wire trials are over, here’s where the playful experiments come into play!

After the holiday’s, I was trolling Instagram, and kept seeing advertisements for something called a Lensball. I was intrigued, so ordered one. It’s a small crystal ball, that you use as a photography tool. Pretty cool, though a bit challenging to figure out, as most shots are upside down. But not all?? What? My first experiments:

beading wire trials
beading wire trials
beading wire trials
My favourite! The inside of one of my paper bowls.

I decided to take my Lensball to BeadFX, to see what I could see. Interesting shots of some of the walls, but too pale, and certainly doesn’t compare with the magnificent landscape shots I’m seeing on Facebook. When it warms up, I’ll play around some more, then get back to you with my results. It’s a magical world, but honestly, I have no idea how those photographers, take some of their shots. Some problem solving fun, is sure to happen!

Fierce magnification, so I’ll need to watch out while using it in full sun.

My bookmaking class is coming along nicely, and I’m still having fun experimenting with simple book forms. Here are a few of my latest! I can’t wait to see what February brings!

beading wire trials
I finally finished my needle book from last year. It only needed the binding!
Only the larger buttons (one on the front, and one on the back) are real! The rest are embossed on paper (but not by me).

If I didn’t have enough to do, I decided to join the #the100dayproject again. I didn’t quite make all 100 days last year, but I’m determined to give it a go again. Now, I’m giving myself a break, and not planning on 100 consecutive days, because life happens! One day the world will open up, and who knows what else I’ll be doing with my life, at that time.

My 2021 plan is to make art on my 300 lb watercolour paper (gifted to me by a friend), and play with both my stash, and techniques. So, what that means, is that anything goes! My first two pieces, involved watercolour paint, and collage, but who knows where my muse will take me with the rest? Most will be quick, some will be good, and others probably not. Some will deserve additional work, but others will end up as 2022 collage fodder (or even in the bin). However, I promise to post photos on both Instagram, and Facebook, for all to see. The object is to stretch, experiment, play, and use up what I have. We’ll see!

Day 1
Day 2

The third piece is still drying, so I won’t be able to show it to you until next week.

I haven’t done much with my Stitch Meditations lately, but don’t worry, they’ll return. There are also bead embroidery plans in the works, but I’m still collecting stuff!

That’s it for my beading wire trials, but my playful experiments are ongoing! My 2021 plan, is to take advantage of my social isolation time, and make more art! Are you game to play along?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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