Beat the February Blues!

Why does the shortest month last so long? By now, you’ve shoveled enough snow, repeatedly bundled up, and are so tired of grey skies. February is known for those times when we just had ENOUGH!

There are some recommended ways to help beat the blues that are realistic and workable:

Get some colour in your life. Pull out those colourful tops that remind you of an island getaway. Toss about a few bright cushions in your living room or bedroom. Work with beads in primary colours – anything to erase grey!

Get outside. I’m very bad at this. I’ve never understood why you’d go for a walk without a destination in mind. So, create a destination! Walk down to the corner store and reward yourself with a yummy treat. You’ll get some much-needed sunlight, fresh air and a snack.

Get together with others. You don’t need to break your bubble or bundle up to go outside. Use Zoom to meet with friends over coffee (or wine!). Join a virtual bead group, such as BeadFX’s Virtual Bead Tea or create one with your friends. A little bit of fun conversation goes a long way.

Write it down. This is something I find helpful when I have so many ideas going through my head or just need to sort out stuff. Pull out a piece of paper and a pen and jot down those random thoughts – no one needs to see it! It really does clear your mind.

Organize yourself – or at least, start. I’ve got quite a few teaching commitments coming and I could feel it begin to overwhelm me. I got myself a wall calendar (a Disney Princess calendar was the only one available post-New Years) and started writing the dates down. It didn’t look so daunting once I saw it. Perhaps you can start with your beading table – you’ll feel so much better.

Take a class – preferably at BeadFX! Learning something new stimulates the brain and gives you something to look forward to. Check out the February classes!

Get help if you need it. If you feel your ‘February Blues’ are a bigger issue and more than a temporary circumstance, please call your doctor.

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