Have a Heart – Give creativity a chance!

Have a heart, because believe me, this post is not all about flowers and candy! I won’t regale you with sappy stories, because creativity is my true love! Do you believe me? If not, you should!

Let’s start with one of the oldest hearts in my stash! Made years ago, for no particular reason, except that I loved everything about it!

have a heart
Yes, there is a rust stain on that doily! I didn’t do it, but I love it!

My bead embroidered heart doll! Not tall, not elegant, but certainly delivers the have a heart feeling.

A heart from my Bead Journal Project “Leaf” series. Yes, believe it or not, this is the shape of a real leaf. I traced around it, to make the shape. The focal is a glass cabochon that I made.

have a heart

Another heart, that I believe I started in one of my “Beading Without a Net: Intuitive Bead Embroidery” classes (sorry, no in-person classes running at BeadFX right now). The focal is a bit of paint, that had dried in the bottom of my mixing cup. I believe that I was experimenting with acrylic pours at the time. Isn’t it cool, and blue, of course it’s blue!!

have a heart

My final heart, is from yesterday. I cut a heart out of some rust dyed paper (freehand), and then attached it to 300 lb watercolour paper. It’s part of my #the100dayproject for 2021 (like I need another project!).

have a heart
The little bronze heart, will be made into a pendant.

I know that have a heart isn’t over, but instead of actual hearts, let’s focus on what I’ve been up to.

Speaking of the #100dayproject, here are just a few of my favorites! The landscape one has been quite popular, but was a bit of a pain to create (I almost trashed it). I originally started with a series of bare branch trees, but blobbed the ink while drawing them, so had to think fast. Out came the Gesso, and the snowy mountain scene was born!!

have a heart

I’ve been talking to you about the year-long bookmaking class, that I’m taking from my friend Cherryl. This is my latest little book, that I’m calling Rust-Tea!  I rusted everything, but the Perle Cotton thread. I think that this is my favourite, so far!

have a heart
The underside of my stitches!! The thread was knotted on the front.
Did you spot the heart?

But where is my current beading, you say? Well, this is the very start of it! I’ve been staring at the wool felt, dryer ball for weeks. It will definitely be beaded, but I’m stuck between intuitive bead embroidery, free-form peyote, and even the colour of the beads. Hey, I know! Perhaps I should marry the two techniques, and make an entirely new plan. I need to think out-of-the-box!!

The glass cabochons are from BeadFX, and probably the Laboradorite one as well (but a while back)

The next, have a heart day is next Sunday, so there’s still time to heart a little creativity for the big day. How will you spend your discretionary, social distancing Valentine’s day? I suggest wine, food, chocolate, and creativity!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and have a heart!

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