Blending Old and New!

The act of blending old and new, isn’t really new for me. But, like everything else, it comes in stages.

I’m in a creative phase right now, but I wonder how long I can keep it up. Do I have limits? Will I be up to the challenge? Only time will tell, but I promise to do my best.

Blending old and new, is just one way of looking at things. But what that means to me, is that I’ve given myself permission to combine old techniques, new techniques, stash, components, and/or projects, into new 2021 art! It’s a fun way to work, and helps with the lock-down blues! Seriously, if it wasn’t for work, I would be a hermit!!

Let’s start with The100DayProject. My project centers around play, and my commitment is to complete one project a day, for 100 days. I will work on them when I can, but if I can’t make a particular day, no worries, I’ll just pick it up another day. At the end of the project, I will have 100 art pieces, with the only connection being the size and type of background paper. Yes, loose boundaries, but that’s what makes it so fun. Here are some of my latest pieces:

blending old and new
An old wet felted piece, that has been chopped into a little.
blending old and new
Torn strips of Citra Solve Cleaner treated, National Geographic pages.
blending old and new
Stitch Meditation, applied to the background.
Older resin piece, combined with even older, decorative paper.
blending old and new
Neurographic Line Drawing
An older Eco-print.

I’ve definitely been blending old and new!

Of course, there’s the year-long bookbinding class that I’m taking. Last Sunday we focused on accordion books. We practiced folding books on copy paper, so the end result was fun, but not interesting to photograph (we even made a case to fit them in). Instead, I will show you the Gelli Printed (Pan Pastels, and acrylic paint) Two as One signature book, that I made. It was a comedy of errors, but too long to get into here. If the old was the decorated paper used, then the new would be the book form.  

blending old and new
Older mono-print. Pan Pastels + acrylic paint, printed on a Gelli Plate.

But wait! I made these Eco-dyed accordion books a couple of years ago, so I’m not entirely new to the form. I have plans for others, but you will just need to wait and see.

Eco-Printing – aka Boiled Books!
blending old and new

Another stitched orb, this time in indigo! The fabric used was either thrifted, gifted, or otherwise recycled.

Speaking of orbs, I’ve been itching to make a beaded one! This will be a combination of intuitive bead embroidery, and free-form peyote. I love the concept (combined with the older techniques), and will be showing you my progress on a weekly basis. Isn’t the colour delicious? Pardon the in-elegant display piece, but at this stage, the orb is top-heavy, and keeps trying to do headstands. It should start balancing out soon. I just need to start beading it’s bottom!

blending old and new
A blend of old and new. Found, thrifted, gifted, and purchased! A work in progress.

BTW, the beauty of working in a bead store like BeadFX during lock-down, is that you’re not limited to on-line, and curbside pickup. Sorry, but I am lucky in that respect! This one definitely needed some serious retail therapy, with more to come!

Oh look! I rusted more paper, and this time tried it with green tea as the wetting agent. It’s gives a softer effect than the black tea, but I still love both methods!

blending old and new
blending old and new

I will continue blending the old and new, until I come to the end of this abysmal year. Heck, I would do it anyway, but this will force me to focus! How are you keeping your sanity? Still being creative, I hope?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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