February 2021 Bead Mat Update – More off than on!

My February 2021 Bead Mat Update has been a real struggle. Yes, I’ve been beading, but I’ve also spent an awful lot of time on other art related activities.

My beading adventures, are all about this beaded orb right now! I haven’t really done any of intuitive bead embroidery, since the start of the pandemic, but I’m up for changing that. Yes, I worked on my “Dancing” piece, but that’s free-form peyote, so doesn’t fit the bill.

february 2021 bead mat update
Growth on the section that I showed in last week’s blog!
february 2021 bead mat update
A new focal section. This one looks a little steampunk!

In case you’re wondering, this a very addictive, and obsessive process! One day, I may even be able to teach it again. It needs a full day, so Zooming is not an option for me. I just couldn’t sit still in front of the computer, for that long!

Okay, I lied! The beaded orb is a blend of intuitive bead embroidery, with just a dash of free-form peyote. I love problem solving, yet haven’t really been indulging myself lately. This project is the start of another deep dive into the wonderful world of my intuitive craziness! I will be sharing my journey with you, on this very blog!

The challenge in this type of work, is getting an odd assortment of beads and things, then marrying them into a cohesive whole. Actually, a large part of the challenge, is actually collecting the objects. I refuse to tell you how much I’ve spent so far, on beads and stuff at BeadFX (most will end up in my stash, but I need variety)! However, the real fun is digging through the stash, and finding odd bits. That’s the beauty of collecting, because there’s always something interesting on the other end of your search. You never know what will turn up!

Next up on my February 2021 bead mat update, is this little wire-wrapped collage, that will end up as a BeadFX Inspiration. The instructions will be broad stroke, because there will be lots of room for both interpretation, and different experience levels. My prototype (not this one), had a lovely die-cut dragonfly as the central element. Unfortunately, our original supply dried up, and Dwyn has not been able to source something similar yet, for a reasonable price. But she will keep trying!

february 2021 bead mat update
I was going to call it “Pegasus Rising”, but then I realized it was actually “Pegasus Descending”! Oops!

I’m sad to say that I have not worked on my free-form peyote “Dancing” piece at all this month! I’ve been consumed with both my #the100dayproject, and my year-long bookmaking course (which includes tons of fun paper decorating techniques). Besides, I also work 5 days/week. I will try harder for March, because Canada is lagging behind with our vaccination rollout, due to supply issues. We’re in this for the long run, so my piece is far from done!

On to my little books! I worked on these in the last week, and I must admit that they’re a new, and interesting way to make art (at least for me)! I’m trying to keep them on the smaller side, because of the storage issue. Besides, I’m more comfortable working on small, intimate projects.

february 2021 bead mat update
No words on any of my little books yet! Do they need words?

By the way, I’m starting to really love working with both watercolours, and liquid inks. It’s all play to me!

Pardon the paperclip! I haven’t figured out a closure yet.
february 2021 bead mat update
I tucked some of my little “Stitch Bits”, into the pockets!

If you want to take a peek inside my mind, just look at all the different techniques that I’ve been using on my #the100dayproject. I think that there’s a competition going on between my brain, time, and practicality. Which will win?

february 2021 bead mat update

This is just a sampling, but if you’d like to see the whole series, check out my Instagram page – amd_artfuldreamer, or search for #amd_100daysofplay2021 (on Instagram). Don’t worry, I don’t sell anything there, it’s just a way to keep in touch, and showcase some of the arty stuff that I do.

Alas, my February 2021 bead mat update is finished, yet I’m still in the middle of some pretty major projects. I felt a little overwhelmed last weekend, but I’m trying to readjust my attitude, and priorities. How are you coping with real life these days?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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