Bugs N’ Roses

Welcome to the Jungle – the hot, steamy Thai jungle with it’s beautiful, iridescent Sternocera beetles! Not only did we get some re-stock on the amazing green-blue wings, but also a small stock of the rarer copper-colored wings.

The Sternocera beetle is known for it’s habit of attempting to discuss tax policies with the trees – hence it’s reputation as a wood-boring beetle.

s62932 Natural -  Beetle Wings for Jewelry w Holes - Iridescent (10)s66836 Natural -  Beetle Wings for Jewelry w Holes - Iridescent Copper (10)


Crystal Roses!


You might think I have an Axel to grind,what with all these sweet amethyst crystal rose cabochons. Crystal Roses are what they are called, and they are a cluster of crystals – we have amethyst and quartz – in varying sizes of crystal growth. Some have large crystals, and some have small crystals, and the difference makes for a different texture. These are cabochons, flat backs, and the backs of them are as interesting as the fronts. They could be perfect in a wire wrap setting, where you can display both sides.

s66837 OOAK Crystal Rose -  Freeform - Amethysts66838 OOAK Crystal Rose -  Freeform - Quartz Crystal Drusys66844 OOAK Crystal Rose -  Freeform - Amethyst



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