Sun Pendant

Spring is coming so let’s celebrate by bringing the Sun into our wardrobe! This week’s project features brick stitch using the 42mm Wire Hoop and cube beads in two sizes: Miyuki 4mm cubes and 1.8mm cube. The finished pendant measures 2 3/4″ across; you can make it smaller by using a smaller hoop and/or smaller beads. With this technique, you will see the thread; choose a thread colour that blends with the hoop colour if you don’t want it to stand out too much.

Pull a wingspan of thread and thread your needle. Tie the thread with a double knot (a surgeon’s knot isn’t necessary) near the top of the hoop, leaving about 5″ for the tail. You’ll tie this off and bury the tail later.

Doing brick stitch on an armature (like this hoop) can be a little frustrating, so be patient.

Pick-up two 4mm cube beads and bring them down to the hoop. Go through the beads again in the same direction and manipulate the beads so they sit side-by-side and not one-after-another.

Now we need to attach the beads to the armature. With your thread and needle behind the hoop, stitch through the hoop and go through the bead that your thread is currently coming through.

When you pull through, your beads will sit as shown. You’ve just created a ladder start.

Now we’ll do brickstitch, adding beads all around the hoop.

Pick-up one cube and bring it down to the beadwork.

With your needle and thread at the back of the hoop, stitch through the hoop and through the bead you’ve just added on the side that the thread is exiting.

Tighten up the beading.

Repeat this stitch, adding more beads around the hoop. Again, it can be fiddly – just take your time and snug up the beads against each other.

Continue adding beads until you’ve reach the other side of the hoop’s top, as shown.

The sun’s rays are added individually. Our thread is exiting the top of the last bead on the base row.

Pick-up two beads and bring them down to the beadwork; go through the beads again.

Manipulate the beads so they sit side-by-side and stitch under the thread between two beads in the base row as shown. You are skipping one thread and stitching under the next thread.

Pull through and stitch back up through the bead you’ve just added. This secures the beads to the base row of beads.

Now we’ll add the top of the sunray.

Pick-up one 4mm cube bead and a 1.8mm cube bead.

Stitch back down the 4mm cube (don’t stitch through the small cube) and into the open bead of the two beads in the previous row, going all the way through to the base row.

To add additional rays, we need to travel up and down through the base beads and exit our thread a full space over, as shown.

Continue adding rays around your pendant, leaving one empty space between the rays.

When you’re finished, tie the working thread and the tail threads together, bury them and trim.

You’re done!


42mm ID Wire Hoop, Brass Oxide
Miyuki 4mm cubes, Matte Gold
1.8mm Miyuki cubes, fire galvanized
K.O. Thread, Butter Yellow
Beading needle of choice

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