Rocking with the Beads!

Rocking with the beads means that I’m captivated by my latest project. But, I’m even plotting another one, because we all know that I have a fickle muse! I wonder what I will get up to next?

My killer orb! I love it, but the dark blue absorbs all the light, and the project is quite obsessive. If the weather is nice on the weekend, I will take an outside shot!

rocking with the beads
rocking with the beads

My third focal section, and I’m already planning the fourth! I love everything about intuitive bead embroidery. Does it show? My bankbook, and BeadFX knows this, because this is definitely not a cheap project!

Rocking with the beads, on my free-form peyote “Dancing” piece. Not much activity, but it’s still a work in progress.

rocking with the beads
rocking with the beads

What else am I doing?

No books, or Stitch Meditations, but I did make a couple of handmade art brushes. It’s too cold to work outside for long, but the weather will get better, and I will make more.

This is what happens, when you combine rusty objects, green tea, and paper! Kaboom!! Now I need to buy different types of green tea, to see if it makes a difference.

But, what about some of my latest 100dayproject pieces? They’re built on top of 300 lb Cold Press, watercolour paper, gifted to me from a friend. Other than that, anything goes! The paper is really sturdy, and I have plans to abuse it further, so be prepared!

I’m back on the rocking with the beads track now. So, watch this space for future developments. I like to mash things up, so don’t be surprised if beads creep into my other projects. How are you keeping up with your beads? Any new projects to show?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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