March 2021 Bead Mat Update: Renewing my energy!

My March 2021 Bead Mat Update is another study in contrasts. But it’s spring, so that’s all about renewal.

People are wearing everything from shorts, to down parkas. LOL! Locals wear the shorts!

I finished my beaded orb, so that’s first on my March 2021 bead mat update! Yeah!! Remind me not to juggle so many projects!

march 2021 bead mat update
march 2021 bead mat update

My free form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece is in play again. It’s about time!

march 2021 bead mat update
It’s getting big!! I think that it will eventually be wrapped around driftwood.

On the bookmaking front, two versions of a wee, Origami Pocket book. Both will fit either a 2″ x 2″ ‘Twinchie’, or a very small book.

Dwyn collected the pine needles that I used to make the brush, and decorate my paper.
march 2021 bead mat update
This is a practice piece! I used an old Indigo/Chapters flyer to make the book. I’m not sure what will go inside. Perhaps some bitty books.

My latest 100 Day Project pieces. I’m really enjoying the variety, and freedom of this very playful series.

march 2021 bead mat update
I love combining fabric and paper in collage!
march 2021 bead mat update
I haven’t used these acrylic paints in years!
march 2021 bead mat update
Pretty in pink!

My stitched pouch wants to be a pin, instead of a necklace. BeadFX does not carry these pins (yet), but I am hopeful! I’ve had this one for years! There will be beading involved!

What do you think of these supplies for another BeadFX ‘Inspiration’? My muse is fickle, so my design has changed!

My March 2021 bead mat update is finished, but Easter is almost here. I will have three whole days to play. I hope that the Easter Bunny wears a mask, brings lots of chocolate, and continues to social distance. It’s hard, but we need to keep up the fight!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands


    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks Deborah! It’s Covid time, so I actually do have time. Not much else to do. LOL! The acrylic, and watercolour pieces are actually quite quick (some take under 10 minutes, plus drying time), it’s the stitched ones that take more time. Everything else, I fit in when the mood strikes.

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