Start a Conversation – with your beads!

If you start a conversation with your beads, you need to make sure that you’re listening. Okay, it doesn’t need to just be beads, but for the sake of BeadFX, I do need to put some emphasis on it.

Let’s start with my latest BeadFX Inspiration. I pulled the beads fairly quickly, but when I actually started working with them, found that I didn’t buy everything I needed. So, back to the store, start beading, then return to store, for more stuff. LOL! I’m getting dizzy from all the back-and-forth nonsense.

start a conversation

I let my muse have her head (as usual), but didn’t think about how the heck I was going to put the piece together. Yes, I do work intuitively, so tend to act first then plan later. Not always the best idea! However, ideas started percolating, so I was able to make a start.

It’s a basic “Y” necklace, with a twist, as I was able to incorporate the two-hole bead shape. They were a challenge to start, but I finally figured out how I was going to incorporate them. Stringing yes, but with a bit of a difference, when I decided to use the beading wire, and the crimps as an accent. The rest is ticking along!

It’s not finished yet, but I will update you on my progress, in next week’s blog post. I will eventually write instructions, and an “Inspirations” blog post. Be patient, because it may take a couple more weeks.

My free-form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece is finally in play again. Yeah! It’s so relaxing to bead, and there are many conversations going on at the same time. It’s a very loud piece!!

start a conversation

Because Gillian reminded me, I thought that I’d show a photo of some of the beaded buttons I have made. A class from the past, but a blast indeed! Each one is unique, and holds it’s own conversations. I’d love to teach them again, but it will need to be an in-person class. No plans yet, but sometime in the future. That’s all I can promise!

start a conversation

But wait! I was also able to start a conversation with this piece of driftwood. An Instagram friend was weaving on ceramic tiles, so I though, why not driftwood? It’s a little rough, I made mistakes, and I still need to cover the mess on the back, but it has promise.

start a conversation

No books this week, but how about a peek at my #100dayproject pieces? I promise handmade books in the next blog post. I love this challenge, because it allows me to just play! Play is a very important part of the conversation.

start a conversation
start a conversation
start a conversation

What a stack!! The second photo shows them in their box, but will all 100 fit?

Another blast from the past! This Bead Journal Project (BJP) piece is a salute to spring.

start a conversation

It also reminds me that it’s time to visit the beach, to collect rocks and driftwood.

I plan to start a conversation with my beads, but also my rocks, driftwood, fabrics, paper, paints, inks, and more. What type of conversation will be you be starting up?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!


    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks Diane! That’s the good thing about beads, they never go bad, and the moths don’t get them either. I’ve seen your weaving, and there’s no question that it’s a rewarding use of your time. Take care, and keep safe!


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