Is there still a place for Quick and Easy?

 Once upon a time, I spent a lot of time extolling how to make jewelry quickly and easily. We were all in a big time crunch, and the faster the better. Pre-beaded chain was wonderful for that. You could whip off a set like this in under 30 minutes. I think it is kind of charming that the beads vary
in size. Looks more organic and hand made.

Ignore that clasp, it’s been in my stash for something like 15 years and is discontinued.  If you want a multi-strand clasp in gold, try these.

Or these earrings – these are fun – and snip, snip with the wire cutters, and jump ring, jump ring with the pliers, and you are done. Easy peasy. Impress your friends. On Zoom.

And these, which remind me of fuzzy caterpillars, took exactly as long as the ones above. Snip snip ring ring.

Times have changed, and a lot of us have been able to indulge ourselves in the luxury of long, slow beading projects that take weeks to finish. And actually finishing them in weeks, instead of finding them 3 years later, uncompleted. The process is the point, not the end result.

So, does pre-beaded chain still have a place in our hearts.

Of course it does! Who can resist this Amethyst or spring green Onyx?

s67544 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Rondelle on Wire Link - Amethyst - Goldplated (foot)s67545 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Rondelle on Wire Link - Green Onyx - Goldplated (foot)

Go multi-strand with larger stones spaced further apart. Matching earrings are a snap!

s67543 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Cubes - Onyx - Gold Plated (foot)s67547 Gemstone Chain -  Mounted Faceted Circles - Lapis - Goldplated (foot)s67546 Gemstone Chain -  Mounted Faceted Random - Pink Chalcedony - Goldplated (foot)

Small beads – an accent strand in a larger, multi-strand piece, or something subtle to hang a pendant on.

s67548 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Nuggets - Turquoise - Silverplated (foot)s67549 Gemstone Chain -  Faceted Rondelles with Shape - Turquoise - Goldplated (foot)

Or beaded danglies.

s67552 Gemstone Charm Chain -  Faceted Rondelles - Onyx - Goldplated (foot)s67551 Bead Charm Chain -  Faceted Rounds - Blue Zircon - Goldplated (foot)

Ok, maybe you like your chain plain.

s67541 Chain Round Links 10.5mm - Silverplated (foot)s67538 Chain Oval Links 3x3.5mm - Copper (foot)

Or Fancy

s67537 Chain Circle de Triangle 19mm - Silverplated (foot)

Or … random. Because this copper chain is a melange of different shapes. You might get ovals, you might get drops. You might get both.

s67542 Chain Random Shapes  - Copper (foot)

Or – really fancy! This is old stock – if you love rhinestone chain – for jewelry, embellishment, whatever – you should look at this!

s67533 Rhinestone CupChain - 4mm (ss17) Prong Set Rhinestone Chain - Crystal - Gold Plated (1 foot)s67534 Rhinestone CupChain - 2.3mm (ss8) Prong Set Rhinestone Chain - Crystal - Gold Plated (1 foot)

So yes – I think there is a place still  for instant gratification. I wore my pink chain ensemble in the 30 seconds that we had when we could go outside. Which is not to say that you can’t design something long and slow with quick and easy elements. 😉



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