Decisions, Decisions – or Transitions?

Decisions, decisions seem to be the story of my life right now. But then again, does this mean that transitions will also play a part?

I seem to be in a transitional time of my life. Is it all Covid related, or does ageing also play a part? Probably both, but who’s complaining? I’m old enough to know better, so I’ll just base everything on decisions, decisions!

As much as I wanted to focus on beading again, I’m afraid that other techniques have lured me away from my sparkly bits, and the almighty needle. Don’t worry, I haven’t abandoned my beads, so I consider this a temporary sideline. Besides, working at BeadFX is a constant reminder, and if that’s not enough, so is my nagging stash!

 I did get a chance to do a bit of work on my ‘Inspiration’ in progress, but I won’t call it finished. I don’t like the transition space, between the stones and the paper clip chain, so I plan to re-work that section. Too bad that I can’t just use gesso! That’s what I do when I’m not happy with my paintings. LOL!

decisions, decisions

By the way, I auditioned the rings, as a transition element, but hated them so much, I had to tear them out! Their vibe was too heavy, and that’s not what this necklace is all about. More decisions!

But the beads are not alone! I have not been focusing on my Stitch Meditations either, however I did manage to stitch up a few Doodle Bits! They’re always good for a quick injection of calm, and sanity.

decisions, decisions

They’re done, and dusted, and will soon reside in their box (when I figure out where I put it)!

Speaking of Stitch Meditations, I opened my ‘Twinchie’ box, then reminded myself that I should do it more often. They are so much fun and I’m sure that I’ll be able to incorporate more of them into my bookmaking explorations!

Speaking of making books, Sunday’s class with Cherryl was fabulous! I loved all three of the book forms, but now need to make them with better paper. Copy paper, and cardstock is not exciting, unless you decorate the heck out of it. There is just not enough time!

I’m having a blast with my #the100dayproject! I’m now at 70/100, so I can actually see the finish line, and I’m proud of myself! The secret is to make decisions, decisions, follow your instincts, throw everything you have at it, and never give up!

decisions, decisions
decisions, decisions

I’m so excited, it’s Cyanotype printing season again!! The leaves were from previous years, and I pressed them in books.

decisions, decisions

I’m still trying to figure out how I can use some of these techniques to make jewelry (and then design a class). Wish me luck!

This blog post is over, but I haven’t stopped making decisions, decisions. When will I get back to my beading, and Stitch Meditations, what will I do with the rest of that 300 lb watercolour paper, and when will I have the time to make more artist brushes? Should I work larger, or smaller next year?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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