Creativity is Blooming – and that’s the truth!

Creativity is blooming, despite the current state of affairs. Exercise your imagination, follow the rules, and get your vaccination! I truly believe that’s the only way to recovery.

Ontario is under a Stay-at-home order, until May 5th. Here are the details. BeadFX is still open for curbside pickup.

Exercise your creativity, and bead your way out of it! Sort your beads, buy more (from BeadFX, but only if you need to), then get ready, and just go!

My creativity is blooming in strange, and wonderful ways, and I’m excited to explore the possibilities!

Here’s the latest on my free form peyote ‘dancing’ piece. It’s so flexible, and feels wonderful in my hands! No end in sight yet.

creativity is blooming

Neat piles of beads escape me! I try, I really, really try, but some evil entity always messes up my bead board!!!

I know people that are shuddering right now!!! They’re also itching to sort out my beads.

I fixed my latest ‘Inspiration’, by wrapping 22-gauge wire, around a small knitting needle. The coils slipped easily over the problem area, and the wire blended in beautifully! A simple fix.

creativity is blooming

Now I need to write up the instructions.

I have a love/hate relationship with Memory Wire, but I will use it for my next ‘Inspiration’. My design process is a little crazy, but here’s the start. I guarantee that it will morph into something else!

Stash leftovers!

I want to experiment with the Czech Shaped beads, just for fun! What if I try to do an intuitive piece with them? It could be an interesting experiment in bending 2-hole beads to my will.

I’m still working on my #the100dayproject. It’s definitely a mixed media project, but I still haven’t figured out a way to incorporate beads. Before it’s finished, I promise that I will!

creativity is blooming
creativity is blooming
creativity is blooming
creativity is blooming
creativity is blooming

What will I do, when I finish the 100 days? I’m sure that I’ll think of something! I know, work on those books that I want to make, and play with Czech beads.

Creativity is blooming in my neck of the woods, and I’m certainly hoping that it’s blooming in yours as well. Escape to your imagination and creativity, tune out the worries, eat some chocolate, enjoy the sparkly bits, teach a family member, or two, then just play!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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