April 2021 Bead Mat Update – Random Stuff!

My April 2021 bead mat update is a study in randomness. But then, what else could you possibly expect from me? I’m an intuitive artist!

I’m still working on my free form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece. However, I do have an endless supply of time, and beads (don’t we all?), so no end in sight!

April 2021 bead mat update

Marg, the squirrel pincushion is in honour of your recent escapades! Critters to go!!

Next up on my April 2021 bead mat update, are the buttons that I just had to have, from the last BeadFX update. Also, a fabulous Luna Moth charm. No project in mind, but I love them all!

April 2021 bead mat update
I love bees!

What do you think that I should do with this vintage shoe buckle (at least, I think it’s a shoe buckle)? I don’t remember where I purchased it, but it will probably end up as the focal in an intuitive bead embroidered piece.

I was rooting through my old sewing supplies, and found a package of anodized safety pins (sorry, I don’t know where, or when I purchased them). Who knew that they could anodize safety pins? They really want to be brooches, but first I need to figure out the logistics! The fibre piece is just a test, and will probably be ripped out, then included in either a Stitch Meditation, or a Doodle Bit. It’s a little flimsy right now, so still needs work!

April 2021 bead mat update

Czech Chevron Duos are a fairly recent addition to the BeadFX family, so I thought that I would take a shot at playing around with them. Not my normal colour choices, but I rescued them from the back office ‘fish bowl’, which is where all the orphan, damaged, left over, and misfit beads end up. I wonder what I will do with them? Wish me luck!

April 2021 bead mat update
This colour way reminds me of warn caramel syrup, on top of vanilla ice cream!! Yum!

I haven’t worked on my Neurographic Line Drawings recently, so here’s one that I started last week. There are lots of tiny spaces, but I’m determined to finish it. I didn’t say when, did I?

With today’s #the100dayproject entry, I’m up to 84/100 pieces. Whew!! Only 16 more to go, although I’m not technically finished with yesterday’s piece. I don’t like it very much, so it’s currently undergoing a facelift. No photo until next week!

April 2021 bead mat update
April 2021 bead mat update
April 2021 bead mat update
April 2021 bead mat update

What will I do when I finish the series? I’m not sure yet, but don’t worry, I will do something!!

I’m also contemplating how, and when I will return to teaching! Will it be virtual, or live, or a combination of both? Only time will tell.

That’s it for my April 2021 bead mat update? Was it random enough for you? I hope that you’re keeping busy, but if not, remember that BeadFX is always ready, and willing to feed your addiction (err hobby). LOL!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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