Don’t Worry – Bead Happy

Here’s a little poem that I wrote
It goes with a song that you might note
Don’t Worry, Bead Happy
In every life, there is some fear,
But when you bead, it disappear
Don’t worry, Bead Happy
Don’t worry, Bead Happy Now


Here’s the inside dope on this token bead. I don’t think we can re-stock it. So if you think this is a cute idea, would make a perfect gift for someone later in the year, jump
all over it, now, please. 

I thought the pretty red ones were too yummy pass on, and they make a good joke when I wear them.   😉

s67594 Weed Bead - 14mm - Raspberry Slurpee (strand 8)
s67595 Weed Bead - 14mm - Kona Silver (strand 8)
s67597 Weed Bead - 14mm - Electric Boogaloo (strand 8)
s67592 Weed Bead - 17mm - Magical Mystery Tour (strand 8)

If you are thinking you’d like to make earrings like those above, the “charm” chain is here.

Buttons, AGAIN?!?

Buttons. Round 2. More IS more, and this week, we have more!

s67585 Czech Glass Button - 29mm Art Deco Butterfly Oval - Noon Stroll
s67579 Czech Glass Button - 18mm Glorious Sunflower - Ruby Tuesday
s67577 Czech Glass Button - 18mm Glorious Sunflower - Fire and Aubergine
s67587 Czech Glass Button - 36mm Triple Clover - Midnight Bluer

And speaking of buttons, you might want to have a look over in the Swarovski Crystal Buttons – not many styles left, but what we have are 40% off!

20730171003001 Swarovski Crystal Button - 12mm 3017 Square - Crystal Moonlight Foiled
20730151050001 Swarovski Crystal Button - 12mm Rivoli (3015) - Crystal

Say what!?!

40% off Swarovski!!!!!

Yes indeedy – we’re blowing out Swarovski at 40%  or more! (Except the bicones and some rivolis). Mother’s Day is coming up. Make something sparkly for mom. Stock up, in case there is a shape or color you may never see again! Beads don’t go bad!


So, before I dump them all onto one page where you can’t find anything – get them while you can find them!

Just remember – a friend with beads is a friend indeed! As always – all the new beads are here

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