Say What?!? 40% off Swarovski!?1!1

Yes indeedy – we’re blowing out Swarovski at 40%  or more! (Except the bicones and some rivolis).

Got to make some room! Mother’s Day is coming up. Make something sparkly for mom. Stock up, in case there is a shape or color you may never see again! Beads don’t go bad!

It’s funny going through these pages and seeing 20 years of photographic styles come and go.

Top Drilled Bicones (6301)

Swarovski Bead - 8mm Top-Drilled Bicone (6301) - Light Colorado Topaz (6)

Top Drilled Bicones (6301) (sniff. I’m going to miss these) If you alternate the two sizes, 6 and 8 mm, and string them side by side, you get this effect.

Top Drilled Bicones (6301)Top Drilled Bicones (6301)

Swarovski Round

Swarovski Round Does it get more classic?


Artemis For those Christmas Tree earrings.


Margaritas – Technically – I guess these are also flowers.

Swarovski Sew-on

Swarovski Sew-on

And technically – the Margaritas are also sew-on’s.

So, before I dump them all onto one page where you can’t find anything – get them while you can find them!

Don’t forget to check out the Manager’s specials, make room, make room for new stuff.

Swarovski Pearls – also 40% off

Swarovski Rhinestones and Flatbacks too. And the big ol’ fancy pendants too.

Other Manager specials too!

Rivoli Ultras – we’re overstocked on these – snap them up at 30% off!

s46604 Swarovski Rhinestones - 12mm Rivoli Cut (1122) - Ultra Pinks46605 Swarovski Rhinestones - 12mm Rivoli Cut (1122) - Ultra Oranges46612 Swarovski Rhinestones - 18mm Rivoli Cut (1122) - Ultra Blues46613 Swarovski Rhinestones - 16mm Rivoli Cut (1122) - Ultra Purple

Wire Lace (Woven Wire Ribbon) 50% off – wire you waiting?

s38773 Stringing - 3mm Wire Lace Ribbon - Seafoam (Yard)s38771 Stringing - 3mm Wire Lace Ribbon - Blush (Yard)s38768 Stringing - 3mm Wire Lace Ribbon - Marigold (Yard)s38757 Stringing - 3mm Wire Lace Ribbon - Cocoa (Yard)

Rivets ‘n’ Stuff (Selected items) – 50% – Absoolutely riveting
BTW – I see no reason why those last two aren’t links or earring dangles. Hmm.

s50641 Riveting Supplies -  General Star Stud Rivet and Base - Antiqued Brass (5)s36843 Riveting Supplies - 4mm Compression Rivet with Tube - Antiqued Pewter (Pack of 10)s42982 Leather Riveting Supplies -  Celtic Knot Link / Centerpiece - Antiqued Golds42962 Leather Riveting Supplies -  Celtic Strap Tip - Antiqued Gold

Link Beads – 50% off (Cam shaft beads?)

27801763-04v Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Link - Ivory Azuro (tube)27801763-05v Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Link - Ivory Dark Travertine (tube)27801763-03v Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Link - Ivory Valentinite (tube)27801763-02 Czech Shaped Beads - 2-Hole Link - Ivory AB (Pack Approx 200)

Frosted Glass Rounds – they look like stone beads, but are super-budget friendly – 50% off! Yummy for spring and summer!

s57426 Glass Beads Round - Frosted 8mm - Summer Sunrise(strand)s57390 Glass Beads Round - Frosted 10mm - Fog Grey (strand)s57396 Glass Beads Round - Frosted 10mm - Desert Cactus (strand)

Bow Beads – 50% off Check out this simple and beautiful designs from Preciosa.

We are always happy to combine orders – and if it bumps you up to free shipping – excellent – we combine them automatically and refund the difference.
Alternately – place your second (or third, fourth, fifth!) orders as “callback” and we will sort it out and call you for cc info.

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