The Bead Goes On!

The bead goes on, but the question is what does it go on? I will explore that a little further, later on in the blog post.

It wouldn’t be Wednesday, if I didn’t update you on my free form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece. Weekends, and TV time are perfect for working on this project, but I get the feeling that it’s actually my excuse to not do any other type of beading. My focus is almost Zen like, so it would be interesting to see what would happen if I turned everything off, then continued beading.

the bead goes on
the bead goes on
the bead goes on

Would the lack of noise be distracting, or perhaps a welcome change? I’ll try it one day, then report back on a future blog post.

When I work on this piece, I cut a wing span’s worth of Fireline (6 lb), then bead until I run out of thread. Sometimes I do this twice, during a session. So, as you can imagine, that’s a whole lot of concentrated effort (and beads). But it is enjoyable, so I don’t really mind.

This is what the piece looks like, with a section magnified with my Lensball!

the bead goes on
The ball is clear crystal, so it’s interesting that it appears cloudy. Oops! A couple of threads are showing…

 Even though the bead goes on, they didn’t want to go on these Doodle Bits that I stitched a few days ago. Sometimes they want beads, but other times they don’t. They’re fickle that way!

I love french knots!

An “Inspiration” in waiting, and I’d better get going on it before all the frosted glass beads sell out, or I’m in big trouble!! They’re currently on Manager’s Special for 50% off! Wow!! I was waiting for warmer weather, because these beads definitely give off a seaside vibe.

the bead goes on

I’m still working on my #100dayproject pieces, and as of today, I have completed 90/100. Only 10 left to go! Whoopee!!

My problem child from last week! I’m happier with it now. Layers are good!
Scribble and swish!

When I include stitch, in some of these pieces, I also post to the Stitch Meditation group. My stitching practice is in a very sad state, so I love including a little bit of stitch wherever I can.

Now, what am I going to do after the #100dayproject is finished? I want to rev up both my beading, and stitching, while also experimenting with the hand made brushes I’ve been making. I’d also like to get re-acquainted with outdoor photography, as I seem to have abandoned it completely during Covid.

Don’t worry, I won’t completely abandon my techniques, paper/fibre collage, and bookmaking. I’ll just explore it in more depth, and take some extra time on each of my projects. The #100day project is a fast food approach, and I need to work on the fine dining aspect!

Also, when our world opens back up, I would like to start teaching in-person classes again. I have invested in a document camera (thank you, so I will also consider offering on-line classes in the future. You will note that I said “consider”, because I’m a total newbie with this technology, and I have no idea how long it will take me to get comfortable with it. I guess that means that I’m definitely not an early adapter!

I wonder if I could incorporate some of my #100dayproject techniques, into jewelry? You know that I’m going to try, don’t you? However, it seems that there is never enough time!! But I might like to bead another stone, or perhaps driftwood, or an old bottle. Sigh!

Well, the bead goes on, but I’m afraid that this blog post must end, because I have beading, and other stuff to do! What have you been doing with your time, and do you want to talk about it? I know that there’s a lot of beading going on, but I haven’t seen very many results yet. The way I see it, when BeadFX opens up its retail doors, we’ll be totally blinded by all the bling that our customers are wearing. That will make everybody happy!!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get the vaccine!

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