Coppered Turquoise Necklace

BeadFX Inspiration – May 7th, 2021 – Anne Marie Desaulniers

I admit that I’m totally in love with African Turquoise stones. So, when I was trying to think up a new inspiration, of course my fingers gravitated to these two-hole drilled rectangles, and immediately paired them with 8 mm coins. I’d wanted to do something with the rectangles for a while, but was actually stuck on exactly how to work with them. So, I decided to give it a go!

I haven’t worked on a necklace for a while, so decided that I would make a version of the old standby “Y” necklace, but with a twist! It’s really quite simple, even in its updated form. Are you ready to give it a try?


1 strand – Stone Beads – 10x5mm Double Drilled Rectangle – African Turquoise (strand)

1 strand – Stone Beads – 8mm Coin – African Turquoise (strand)

1 – Soft Touch by Softflex ™ Beading Wire – 30ft .019 (Medium) – Silver Grey (Spool)

1 – Crimp Beads – 2mm – Antique Copper (100)

1 – Metal Beads – 2.4mm Round – Antique Copper (100)

1 – Metal Beads – 4mm Round – Antique Copper (100)

1 – Metal Beads – 6mm Round – Antique Copper (25) (I had some in my stash, and probably used 8mm, but I couldn’t find any on the site). The 6mm could be substituted.
(Editor’s Note: Yep, we’ve never had 8mm Antique Copper rounds.)

1 – Jump Rings Open 7mm – Antiqued Copper (approx 100)

1 – Jump Rings Open 5mm – Antique Copper (5 gram)

2 – Chain – PaperClip Cable – Antiqued Copper (foot)

1 – Lobster Clasp – 15mm – Antiqued Copper

1 – ParaWire – 22ga Round Wire – Antique Copper (Spool)


Chain nose pliers x 2 Tools – Chain Nose Pliers – Dazzle-It Classic Slim

Flush cutters (for both the chain, and the wire) Tools – Cutters – Tapered Flush Cutter

Small metal knitting needle (sorry, I don’t know the size, because I’m not a knitter. LOL! I just eyeball it.)


  1. Cut a generous length of beading wire (I used around 17”, to be safe).
  2. Fold beading wire into two equal lengths (but don’t make a kink in it).
  3. On one side of the beading wire, add 1 – 2.4mm metal rounds.
  4. Thread through to the fold.
  5. Thread one 2mm crimp, through both ends of the beading wire.
  6. Feed through to the bottom.
  7. Leaving a small loop around the 2.4mm bead, flatten crimp with the chain nose pliers, making sure that the two lengths of beading wire are parallel (Note: if they’re crossed, they will not hold).
  8. Leave a short length of the beading wire exposed, then string one end of wire through one hole of the rectangle(s) as follows – rectangle + 2.4mm metal round + rectangle + 2.4mm metal round + rectangle + 2.4mm metal round + rectangle + 2.4mm metal round + rectangle + 2.4mm metal round
  9. Repeat the sequence in 8 above, and string through the second hole in the rectangle(s).
  10. Feed a crimp bead onto both lengths of the beading wire.
  11. Leaving a small space, squeeze crimp flat with chain nose pliers (again, making sure that the wires are parallel).
  12. Feed both wires through 6mm (or 8mm if you have them) metal round.
  13. Now it’s time to split the wires apart.
  14. On the first wire, string 3-2.4mm metal rounds.
  15. Then string the following: 8mm coin + 2.4mm metal round + 8mm coin + 2.4mm metal round + 3-coins + 2.4mm metal round + 2-coins + 2-2.4mm metal rounds + 3-coins + 4mm metal round + 6mm metal round (or 8mm if you have them) + 4mm metal round.
  16. String on crimp bead, then bring the end of the beading wire back through the crimp bead (keeping both sides of the wire parallel), then back through 3-4 beads.
  17. Pulling on the free end of the beading wire, adjust the loop.
  18. Flatten crimp with the chain nose pliers.
  19. Now here comes the fun part! Find a knitting needle, then start wrapping the 22g wire. It may take a little bit to get the rhythm, but the object is to wrap the wire tightly, and side-by-side. You want to make something that looks like the spring you would find on the inside of a ball point pen. Just make it long enough to fit over the crimp, and loop, but with just enough of the wire sticking up, to add a jump ring.
  20. Open 1-5mm jumpring (using two chain nose pliers).
  21. Attach open jumpring to the end of the beading wire loop, then to the chain (12”, or however long you would like it).
  22. Close jumpring.
  23. Now you’re going to mirror what you did on the first side, for the second wire.
  24. Repeat steps 14 – 22.
  25. Now open 2-7mm jumprings.
  26. Attach the first jumpring to one end of the paper clip wire, then close the jumpring.
  27. Attach the second jumpring to the other length of paper clip wire, add the 15mm Lobster Clasp, then close the jumpring.
  28. Congratulations your necklace is complete!
Step 19

Things to consider:

Step 27!

Take care, and have fun!

the large open chain makes this very flexible for length

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