Dreaming of Beads! Really?

I’m dreaming of beads, but what else is new? I’m close to the finish line with my #the100dayproject, so I will need to focus on other projects. Beads are definitely in the running!

But first, here’s my weekly update on my free-form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece. A stash buster for sure, but it also relaxes me, and allows for a tight grip on my sanity. All this social isolation is starting to wear on me, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I work at BeadFX 5 days/week (I see people!), it would be even more difficult.

dreaming of beads
The edges are curling, crunching, and waving! I love it!!

Speaking of dreaming of beads, I have no idea when this project will end, how I will display it, and where it will eventually reside. It’s something I’ve been thinking about! Do I say ‘stop’, two weeks after I receive my second Covid shot, or wait until the restrictions in my part of the world are lifted, and/or the borders are open? Or should I adopt a more worldwide focus? Again, it’s something I need to think about.

If I remember, I’ll measure it next week!

I started playing around with some of the leftover beads from my latest “Inspiration”. I was going to use them on a Memory Wire bracelet, but that didn’t happen! Oh, the Memory Wire won’t go to waste, but just won’t be used with these particular beads.

dreaming of beads

Of course, this is just a mock-up for now, because I’m using the verboten 8mm Antique Copper Beads (gifted to me, from someone’s ancient stash), that we don’t carry in the shop. If we find them at one of our suppliers, I may re-visit, but for now I’m searching for an alternative. I do like the design, so expect to see a revised version in the near future!

Do you remember these from earlier blog posts? I wanted to experiment with our Czech Chevron Duos, but didn’t get much of a chance this week. So, here are some ideas that Google has to show! I promise that I’ll get back to them soon.

dreaming of beads

When I started dreaming of beads, I immediately thought about designing another free-form peyote project (because you know that I love free-form). However, this one will probably be wearable, have a little more structure, and a definite end! It’s still in the planning stage, so please excuse me while I tease you!

But what else has been keeping me from beading?  First up, a few handles just waiting for their bristles (or feathers, as the case may be), and embellishments. Oh, I have more in the wings, but they still need a final spit and polish! Spring (once the tree pollen is bearable) is the perfect time to work on my handmade artist brushes, so keep tuned!

Driftwood from Lake Ontario. Hidden treasures.

I’m entering the final stages of the #the100dayproject! I should be able to finish the rest of the pieces this week, and then that’s it for another year!

dreaming of beads
Honest, I didn’t mean to make an “E”! It just happened!
Just a quick play with watercolours!

My dreaming of beads, fibre, and handmade books, will be filling my time in the coming weeks. Oh, I won’t abandon collage, and splashing paint around, but I will try to work on more in-depth projects. Are you tempted to work on any challenges, and/or long-term projects in the coming weeks/months/years? It’s very rewarding, and I highly recommend it!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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