GemDuos & Some Really Cute Bezels

More of these happy little diamond-shaped two-hole beads.

s67654 GemDuo - Tropical Flamingo Pinks67653 GemDuo - Tropical Blue Waves67655 GemDuo - Tropical Mints67652 GemDuo - Tropical Blue Grape

s67659 GemDuo - Copper Plateds67658 GemDuo - Jets67657 GemDuo - Matte Jets67656 GemDuo - Tropical Rainforest

Looking for some new ideas for projects? Matubo has some great patterns you can download for Free!  How about these  Danai Earrings – by Petra Kasparova, or this Safari bracelet by Nela Kabelova?

And then, there are these super cute bezels. You can do the resin thing, or the polymer clay thing, or the “put the
polymer clay in, cover it in wonderful metallic powders, bake, and then coat with resin for a super glossy look
” thing. Speaking of which, we have a re-stock shipment of the gorgeous Jet Age Studio Creative Art Pigments coming. Woohoo!

A word of caution – we can’t restock these and you might have to wrestle Anne Marie to get them. 😉 I know she is drooling to get her hands on them.

s67664 Resin Bezel Tray -  Boho Heart - Bright Coppers67667 Resin Bezel Tray -  Boho Skinny Rectangle - Antiqued Golds67668 Resin Bezel Tray -  Boho Rectangle - Bright Silvers67672 Resin Bezel Tray -  Boho Porthole - Antiqued Gold

As always – all the new stuff is here


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