Working in a Series: One heck of a challege!

Working in a series, is certainly one heck of a challenge! However, it’s something that I both welcome, and enjoy!

I’m very selective about the outside challenges that I accept, because I do need to keep my focus on the end result. With the #the100dayproject, it was easy, because the goal was 100 pieces of something. Not hard, because I set the parameters.

I need to tell you that I was definitely slowing down at the end. I wanted each piece to be unique, but sometimes all I wanted to do was splash paint on paper. It was quick, effective, and satisfied my need to create!! This is something that I will explore in the future.

What happens now? I don’t really know, but do plan to focus more on my beading, and hand stitching. But first, I will take a short break, to re-charge my batteries. I will still create, but on a less formal basis. If it feels right, I will do it! If it feels like an obligation, I will not!

Here are the final pieces in my 2021-100 Day Project! I missed a few days at the beginning, but that did not really matter. In the end, I actually made 102 pieces, because of silly clerical errors. LOL! I still have tons of paper left!!

working in a series
working in a series
working in a series

Here’s what 100 pieces look like, stashed in a large cookie tin! I was gifted the tin, and it’s a perfect fit!

working in a series

There is not much creativity to report this week, but I did manage to prep some Natural Art Brushes, out of driftwood. They’ve been sanded smooth, and feel lovely in my hands. Next week, I will show the finished brushes.

I couldn’t write about series, without showing you some of my Bead Journal Projects pieces. Because of this project, I ended up teaching Intuitive Bead Embroidery, at BeadFX. It also forced me to purchase a ton of beads!!! Heh, heh…it wasn’t really a hardship!

working in a series
The leaves are from a BJP series.
12 BJP row houses! Amanda’s favourites.

Then came Stitch Meditations!

4” x 4” x 100

working in a series
Not the entire series!

2” x 2” x 100

working in a series
All 100 fit in this small cigar box.

Tiny tags! I didn’t make it to 100, because I ran out of tags.

As a series is more than one, the rest of these are also series. At least in my mind!

Some were made as class samples, others were published, and still more were created on a whim! The “whim” part is my favourite, because it’s an intuitive, creative, free way to work!

Repetition is the only way to excel at something! So, don’t be afraid to practice.

I love series, but do not love either patterns, or repetitive work! I don’t love every piece I make, but each piece is 100% unique. That’s just the way I work!

Have I tempted you to start working in a series? Give yourself some fairly loose guidelines, and then just go!! Deadlines are good, but not entirely necessary. I know that you can do it!!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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