May 2021 Bead Mat Update: Splashing about with colour!

My May 2021 bead mat update, reflects my mood for the end of the month. A whole lot of rest, and then some splashing about with colour.

To tell the truth, when I completed my #the100dayproject, I didn’t really want to do anything creative for a while. So, I took some time for myself, reflected on the project, then started thinking about possibilities for new beginnings. Yes, I drifted, but sometimes drifting is good!

Then, after a bit more thought, I decided to finish up some of my outstanding obligations. I had some handmade driftwood brushes to finish. Check!

may 2021 bead mat update

A collection of driftwood pieces, ready for sanding!

More driftwood under consideration, but perhaps not suitable for brushes. I wonder what I should do with them?

Then I decided to start another Stitch Meditation scroll, but this time in a much smaller format. This one is 1 ½” x 34”, and I plan to display it on a small piece of driftwood. There is still a lot of stitching, painting, and other embellishments to go, but I think that you get the picture.

may 2021 bead mat update
may 2021 bead mat update

I call it my Double-Sided Doodle Roll, and might even incorporate a few of my stitched Doodle Bits on it. But first, they need to audition for the honour! It’s a TV project, because I needed another one.

But what would my May 2021 bead mat update be, without my free-form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece? It’s becoming quite the star! As you can see from the photos, it’s almost too big for the bead mat now. Don’t worry, because I actually work on it on a larger board, but it’s so messy, that I prefer to show it on the smaller one.

may 2021 bead mat update

I decided that I wanted to play around with a bit of Wired Bead Collage. This time on an earring frame from BeadFX, but I’m thinking of exploring other options, then taking it larger. It could grow into either an “Inspiration”, or even a workshop.

may 2021 bead mat update

How about a bit of mark making? The first photo shows marks that I made from two of my handmade, driftwood, bristle brushes. No feather marks here, but I promise to show them at some time in the future.

In the second photo, I’m experimenting with powdered graphite, and water. To get this effect, I dipped a palette knife in water, then the graphite, then just swiped it across the page. Of course, I needed to be careful, because graphite is messy, and tends to fly all over the place! I corralled a bit of it in a small mixing cup, and will try to remember not to knock it over, before I finish working with it.

Both mark-making experiments have potential, but all that means is that now I need to break out, then work on larger paper. By the way, if you’re planning to work with graphite (any graphite, not just the powdered variety), don’t forget to use a spray fixative (unless you like smudges!). If you plan on adding more to the piece, a workable fixative first, then a top coat of something more permanent, after you finish the piece.

I still need to figure out, then construct a couple of new handmade books, but I procrastinated so much last weekend, that I didn’t even get started! The weather was beautiful, so it didn’t really matter.

This marks the end of my May 2021 bead mat update, but the 31st isn’t until next Monday, so plenty of time to splash around more colour!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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