Let Bicones be Bicones

 The bicone is dead. Long live the bicone!

It’s not really that bad – we are sad that Swarovski has turned away from what they referred to as the “DIY” market. This, to me, has connotations of dudes with power tools making dangerously rickety sundecks – so you can see how I might have not really embraced that particular term.

However, we have to say – we think that you will be happy with the Preciosa bicones as a replacement. While we have had a number of them for a while – we have a lot more of them available in store. In anticipation of you actually being able to get into the store!

So, there are two big questions that we have gotten – do the colors match? And, are they the same size?


Some colors do match, some are close – and both have colors with no equivalent. We have done some searching, reading, folks comparing colors – and I have prepared this chart:

Swarovski on the left side of the column, Preciosa on the right. Equivalents as we currently understand them, lined up. As we learn more, I will update the chart. But for now, it’s a place to start.

You may notice that in some cases, we have the same color in different package sizes. Because of supply chain issues, we are sourcing from multiple places to get maximum coverage, so to speak. Normally – we wouldn’t show them as different items, but the sources did not consult with each other on package size, and so, here we are.


Are the Preciosa bicones smaller? Yes. No. Some of them.

Much different? Not much.

I measured them.

What was really interesting about this exercise was that 3, 4, 6, and 8 mm are not bang-on the stated size; and that measuring a bicone from side to side, – with it’s sharp edges, tendency to want to tip, and faceted surface changing the diameter depending on the orientation – is surprisingly hard to do.Where I could not get consistent reading from various beads, I averaged them.

Swarovski Preciosa
3mm Bicone Difference
3.18 3.28 -0.10
2.36 2.46 -0.10
4mm Bicone
4.35 4.30 0.05
3.83 3.58 0.25
6mm Bicone
5.84 6.34 -0.50
6.27 5.70 0.57
8mm Bicone
8.29 8.18 0.11
7.93 7.98 -0.05

You can judge for yourself if you think the difference is significant.

Download the pdf and print it out if you prefer.

The long and the short of it is, Preciosa is as good quality, just as sparkly, and well, frankly – a little more budget friendly. 😉

As always – all the new stuff is here


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