Design Possibilities: Looking back, looking forward!

Design possibilities are all around, but it might be a case of looking back, then looking forward. It’s amazing what I found in my jewelry boxes!

I actually don’t keep any of my necklaces in jewelry boxes, because those are for rings, pins, bracelets, and the odd chain, or two. I store necklaces on over-the-door type hook systems, because it keeps them from getting all tangled up (especially the long ones).

design possibilities
Workshop & two more made after the workshop!
design possibilities
design possibilities
My paper beads!
design possibilities
Vintage MOP buttons!
design possibilities
Onyx, with two types of soft grey pearls.
design possibilities
Really, really, old!
design possibilities
design possibilities
My fabric, and wire beads! I must make more!!

Although I wanted to do a post on design possibilities, I haven’t been wearing much jewelry lately, so I was a bit stuck on what to say. Then I realized that I had tons of possibilities, simply hanging off my closet doors. Sheesh!

Ontario is starting to open up again, and it seems that non-essential retail (BeadFX falls into that category) will be open sooner, rather than later. So, it might be time to get out of the running pants, and back into my jeans. I don’t accessorize comfy clothes, but it will soon be time to dust off the non-mask-chain bling. What do you think? Are you still wearing your necklaces?

I won’t be wearing all of these, but as old as some of them are, they still look fairly current. That’s the beauty of handmade jewelry, it doesn’t always date! Most of the necklaces are my own designs, but a few are the result of workshops from other instructors.

Not all of my designs work out perfectly! I strung these large hole, Black Gold Amazonite rondelles (sorry, sold out!) on ball chain, to make an easy peasy, wrap bracelet. It looked good, but fell apart when I tried to get it off my wrist! It needed a stopper of some sort. I might do that, or then again, I might just make it into a completely different bracelet.

I did a little more beading on my free-form peyote “Dancing” piece, but I also stitched a warm-toned, stitched orb (Stitch Meditation), to add to my collection (and my hands are still feeling it!). My intent was to add a sprinkling of beads, but that hasn’t happened yet, because I’m not sure that it needs them! But we shall see, what we shall see!

Stitching of any type, is my way to meditate, and chase away stress!

I just ordered six more dryer balls (I use them as a base for the stitched orbs), so my collection will definitely be growing in the near future.

If you’re interested in seeing more free-form, be sure to check out the Freeform Peyote Beading, Facebook Group. It’s a fabulous resource for eye candy!

It was a beautiful weekend, so I decided to do some multi-layered, Gelli Plate monoprints, out on the balcony. I love the process, and will use some of my papers for book covers. The leftover bits and pieces, will end up in my collage stash, and may even make it into future jewelry projects.

The substrate for this one, is a file folder.
I need more paint! Some of mine has dried out……Bah!

Looking back on my jewelry making adventures, sparked my interest in looking forward to future design possibilities. Would I change my approach, if I were to make something similar now? What do I like, and what would I change, and how could I make it more, in the moment? The possibilities are endless, and I encourage you to drag out, then take a closer look at your older designs. They might not be ready to be put out to pasture yet!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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