Tool Time Tales!

Tool time tales are not the sexiest thing in your beading toolbox, but you need them just the same. Otherwise, how would you open, and close a jump ring, or even cut a piece of wire?

I absolutely love my tools!!

I still have my earlier tools, but my favourites are the ones I always reach for.

My Xuron Chain Nose pliers, fit nicely in my hands. I also own their Bent Nose Fine Pliers, Round Nose Fine Pliers, and couldn’t live without my Tapered Flush Cutters.

tool time tales
Chain Nose
tool time tales
Bent Nose
tool time tales
Round Nose
tool time tales
Tapered Flush Cutter

They also have crimping pliers, but no photo, as we don’t currently carry them in the store. I did special order them, but haven’t actually used them yet. These are the ones I use now.

tool time tales

I do love the Chroma tools, like this chain nose, but haven’t persuaded myself to buy them yet.

tool time tales

My favourite, tool time tales, thread burner is this one!

tool time tales

For bead weaving, and intuitive bead embroidery, I love Miyuki threads, Fireline (6lb in Crystal), and either Toho, or Tulip beading needles. Why? The thread is thin and strong, and the beading needles have a good-sized eye, so no threader required.

We also carry Tulip sewing and embroidery needles, and I must admit that I do own a few.

I am currently testing the new Nanofil, but haven’t used it enough to form an opinion.

Okay, I do own more tools, but I think that’s enough for this blog post.

Not much on the beading deck this week, but I did manage to fix a few holes in my free form peyote “Dancing” piece. Repair work isn’t fun, but it is necessary!

I was totally absorbed with book making last week, so didn’t get around to working on much else. It was fun, but now I need to figure out how I’m going to actually use them. I love the books, but am stumped on how to fill them, so do need to ponder for a while.

My Piano Hinge book (the one with the bamboo skewers), still needs some wire wrapping, and perhaps a few beads on the front cover. I hope to do that soon.

Piano Hinge book

Dwyn (our webmistress, and Dragon Jools) has been playing around in her studio, and gifted me a few of her lampwork glass pieces. Now I need to figure out how to use them!

I’ll probably incorporate in some type of bead embroidery.
He looks like he wasn’t happy to get out of bed this morning!

Do you think that Tool Time Tales should be a semi-regular post on this blog? I haven’t shown them all, but that was enough for this post. Which are your favourite tools, and why?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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