Shoot Dragons

What kind of a day is it going to be, when the first thing on your to-do list is “Shoot Dragons.”

Well – it would be my kind of day – but in my case – shoot is a synonym for “photograph” – so no dragons were harmed in the making of this update.

And let me say – if you like dragons like I like dragons – then this is your kind of update. The question is, which one will you choose? Can you choose? Collect them all!

First up, starting with the most magnificent and massive, the classic Asian dragon, renowned for their wisdom and floating about on clouds. This beastie is 3 inches (80mm) across. Practically

s68464 Pendant -  Massively Magnificent Dragon - Stainless Steels68464 Pendant -  Massively Magnificent Dragon - Stainless Steel

Perhaps the Tibetan guardian dragon is more your style?

s68465 Pendant -  Tibetan Dragon - Stainless Steel

These dragon heads are beads – extra large hole – so you can slide them onto leather cord or chain.

s68468 Bead -  Roaring Dragon Head - Stainless Steel (Pair)26001403-25 Bead -  Dragon Head - Stainless Steel (2)

This particular dragon is more in the style of the western bestiaries. Actually – is it a dragon? It’s a little gryphony. It’s very cool, whatever it is. I’d have one for a pet.

s68472 Pendant -  Dragon Tag - Stainless Steel

Now this dragon-head end cap has the serpenty style of dragon going on.With it’s deep cup, 5.5x8mm – you can glue this onto leather or viking knit, kumi, bead crochet, spiral rope, etc. Because the teeth meet and create a loop, you could even fashion a hook and turn it into a clasp!

s68467 End Cap Asian Serpent Dragon Head ID 5.5mm - Stainless Steel (Pair)

Now these bad boys are some sort of dragon-wolf hybrid. Draco-Lupus. Hmm – there’s a fantasy creature for you.

s68469 Bead -  Wolf Dragon - Antiqued Gold (Pair)s68469 Bead -  Wolf Dragon - Antiqued Gold (Pair)s68470 Bead -  Wolf Dragon - Antiqued Silver (Pair)s68470 Bead -  Wolf Dragon - Antiqued Silver (Pair)

And while not either a dragon or a wolf, these cougar charms are an apex predator. Make a pair of earrings for your mother-in-law – if you dare! That would be nauty-lus
of you, amm-i-rite? It’s a slippery spiral.

s68466 Charm -  Mountain Lion - Silver (Pair)s68471 Pendant -  Spiral Shell - Antiqued Brass

Double-sided tape. After not being able to get the terrifically tacky double sided tape, we have replaced it with this. It’s 3x the price, you get 12x as much tape! 60 yards!

s68490 Double Sided Film Tape - 1/4in - Clear (Spool)

Kilt Pins! All kinds of kilt pins in sizes and colors for your dangly brooch pleasure!

s68460 Safety / Kilt Pin - 3in - Bright Silvertone (5)s68459 Safety / Kilt Pin with Loops - 2in - Bright Silvertone (2)s68458 Safety / Kilt Pin with Loops - 2in - Bright Goldtone (2)s68461 Safety / Kilt Pin with Loops - 3in - Antique Brass (2)s68462 Brooch Finding -  Curvy Brooch Pin / Kilt Pin - Bright Goldtone (2)

Trigger Alert – Eyes

If you are squeamish about eyes, if eyes make you all queasy – I urge you to stop reading now.

Still with me?

Good – cuz we got eyes. Packs of Random Eyes. Random-ized Eyes. 20mm and 12mm. And if you must have a matched pair, you can get a matched pair, in a random color. Your choice, round pupil or slit.
Cats or Dragons? Owls or Lizards?

s68454 Glass Cabochon - 20mm Round - Random Eyes (10)s68455 Glass Cabochon - 20mm Round - Round Pupil - Random Eyes (2)s68456 Glass Cabochon - 20mm Round - Slit Pupil - Random Eyes (2)

So – there you have it for this week. Dragons ‘n’ Eyez.

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