All About a Dream – Or is it a fantasy?

Is it all about a dream, or perhaps a fantasy? I think a nightmare of sorts, but definitely a learning experience!

My free form peyote “Dancing” piece, started out as a dream, but has ended up an ongoing project. It’s not finished yet, but my second shot is this Friday. Yeah! It will be a little more normal for me, after a couple of weeks!

all about a dream

Should I stop working on it, two weeks after that shot? Or wait until the pandemic is over in Canada? Progress on my piece has slowed, but I am still enjoying the process.

This stitched stone, is also all about a dream. Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, with the urge to start a new project? I hadn’t covered a stone in black fabric before, so my dream told me that I needed to start. I love repurposing scrap fabrics, don’t you?

all about a dream
all about a dream

When you sleep, perchance to dream, the moon is out, so I thought that it would be cool to do something with these moon face beads. I had collected them for a BeadFX Inspiration, but procrastinated, and never got around to doing anything. So, I decided to do a wire and bead collage pendant! It was fun to use the moon face, to set the Midnight Garden dream theme.

all about a dream

The piece is close, but not quite finished! I will show another photo when it is done, and will provide instructions as soon as our supplies have been re-stocked. I’m enjoying the process, even though I wouldn’t consider myself a wire-wrapper.

Lots of faces left, so watch out for the next project! Don’t be mooning about it, if I delay working on it for a bit!

We’re getting a new line of cabs in, so I grabbed one for my bead embroidery. This will be a themed project, and if I like it, might even start a series.

I showed you Dwyn’s (Dragon Jools) lampwork glass flowers last week, but I decided to make a few changes. I didn’t like the black stems, so treated them with a couple of Vintaj Patina colours (they dry really fast). Of course, Dwyn told me today, that the wires were copper, so I could have just thrown them in the “Pickle”, to bring back the original colour. Sigh! But that’s okay, because I like my version too!

I coiled up the stems (using my Medium, Bail Making Pliers), but now need to figure out what I’m going to do with them. Perhaps a mixed media, embroidery &/or bead embroidery piece. Another option is to string them on a narrow branch, and make another type of art piece. Of course, I could also combine both ideas, but my head is hurting, so I’ll leave it alone for now.

If it’s all about a dream, I prefer that the dream be the fantasy kind. I’ve had enough of our current nightmare, and I’m sure that you have too! It’s time for the world to get back to normal!!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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