It’s All a Mystery!

Sometimes, it’s all a mystery why I do what I do? I make beading plans, but then get busy with other projects.

Let’s start talking about it! I spotted a glass bottle, that I had saved because I liked the shape. Next, I decided that it should be covered in fabric. So, it’s all a mystery, why this project started the ideas flowing? But what about beads?

First, patch the bottle with scraps of cotton quilt batting. Use both straight and running stitches.

it's all a mystery

Then, cover with both fabrics, and text, using the same stitches.

it's all a mystery

Fabric cover finished, then the next step is more stitch (fits right in with my Stitch Meditations). Using both straight, and a curved needle (for the deeper curves).

it's all a mystery
Lovely to stitch!

Now where am I going with this? More stitch, and then beads! What do you think about all of the lovely beads, that I purchased at BeadFX today? I won’t use them all, but I needed a good selection. That will certainly get the juices flowing! Leftover beads, will go into the stash.

I’ve had this t-shirt for a couple of years, but never wore it. It had a hole in the sleeve. So, I finally repaired it with a distorted blanket stitch. I had all sorts of ideas on how to repair it, but then saw a video, and the rest is history!

it's all a mystery

32 B&W decorated pages, for a new book. But when I decorate another 32 for Sunday, I plan to use colour!

it's all a mystery

It’s all a mystery, why you would be interested in this story, but I thought that you might like to see my process. I start at A, then end at Z, but the middle letters are often all mixed up. That’s just the way I roll!

Keep safe, social distance, wash your hands, wear a mask, and get vaccinated!

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