An Eclectic Mix: My life in a nutshell!

An eclectic mix is how I describe last week’s adventures. I have multiple projects still in progress, but two are finished.Yeah!

I will start with this bracelet, I repaired for a friend. It’s a memory piece, but the elastic had disintegrated.

an eclectic mix
an eclectic mix

The repair recipe is Opelon elastic, plus small beads between each photo tile, then four slightly larger beads.

A couple of surgeons knots, and drops of G-S Hypo Cement, fixed the issue.

My slow stitched/Stitch Meditation bottle, was next up in an eclectic mix. More stitching, plus beads, finished the project! I love it!! However, I have no idea what I’m going to do with it! Do you think I should display it at BeadFX?

an eclectic mix

Next up, my “Dancing” piece! I’m fully vaccinated, so do I really need to keep working on this project? The answer is yes! I might not work on it often, but I won’t put it to bed yet. So, ongoing it is!

an eclectic mix

Two books in progress! The black/white one is a long-stitch book, and the Gelli printed one (an acrylic mono-print), is a Sewn-over-Tape book. I had issues, so both needed to be re-done. Note to self, decide on the right weight of thread, before starting stitching!

an eclectic mix
an eclectic mix

I re-stitched the Gelli book (almost finished), but not the B/W one! I bought some 20lb Hemp cord, and that works! It stitched up beautifully, although I needed to use my needle nose pliers at times.

My copper ink experiment in progress!

An eclectic mix is creatively freeing, and an interesting way to work. I seldom get bored. Have you ever tried to work like this? It will bring more creativity into your life, if you just give it a try.

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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