Beading on the Edge!

Beading on the edge, is a curious topic for this blog post. What could I possibly say, that would tie into that title? It doesn’t matter, because I thought of it yesterday, then decided that I needed to write a blog post about it.

Not everything in this post will relate to beading, but some of it does!

I’m not even close to beading on the edge of this piece, but once I complete the rows of beading, I will definitely need to finish the edge.  All of the beads, including the ladybugs, and polymer clay cabochons were purchased at BeadFX. If you’re interested, scoop them up fast, because I believe that the main elements, will fly out of the door fairly quickly.

beading on the edge
Pretty girly for me!

Will it be a pendant, or a brooch?, or even the central element for a larger beaded piece? Only time will tell!

I spotted a long, stash necklace on Instagram, then decided that it would be fun to make one. So, I started gathering my beads. Some from BeadFX, and others either purchased, or created years ago.  When I’m ready to start, I will buy a few newer elements. If my plans work out, there will be some very edgy beading on there!

beading on the edge

I don’t have that many beaded items in progress right now, so I though that I would show you a few of my older ones. Some with an edge, and others without.

Reva from the Shore – Toronto Bead Society challenge from years ago.

beading on the edge
beading on the edge

Two, felted and beaded thread spools. No real purpose!

beading on the edge
beading on the edge

A bevy of brooches, made years ago!

One of my favourite amulet pouches!

beading on the edge

Not beaded, but they definitely have an edge.

Sewn over tapes book – a bit of beading on the top, and bottom of the spine. Just not on the edge! It’s still missing a top, and bottom cover.

Long stitch book – no beading, but a closure that includes embroidered, vintage ribbon and black glass button.

I used a scritchy tool for this! A wooden skewer.
It doesn’t mean anything!

Current results from my copper ink experiment. Recipe in “Make Ink” by By Jason Logan and Michael Ondaatje.

11 days – added more vinegar to cover the copper pieces. It’s been hot outside!!

Dipped in a shop towel, at about 6 days.

The bottom is about 8 days, and the dot at the top – 11 days.

Several dips!

I’m still beading on the edge, but I’m dreaming up new ways to do this. Have you beaded anything this way, or do you prefer some other type of edging? Regardless, it’s fun to bead and experiment! I wouldn’t change a thing!!

Stay safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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