July 2021 Bead Mat Update: Ramping up the beading!

For my July 2021 Bead Mat Update, there will be beading! Surprise!! But there will also be some interesting stash related, plus random bits and pieces. I wouldn’t have it any other way?

My magpie mind, is still all over the place! I’m doing a little of this, a little of that, and sometimes nothing at all. Reading, for pure enjoyment, and not always good literature, seems to be my fallback when inspiration lags. I can’t say that’s always the case, but I do go in spells.

Now on to the real meat in my July 2021 Bead Mat Update! How about checking out my progress on the bead embroidered piece that I showed you in last week’s blog post? It’s not my normal style, but it’s definitely good to work outside of my comfort zone. You should try that as well!

July 2021 bead mat update

All supplies are from BeadFX!

Isn’t the Ultrasuede the perfect colour? I will use that for the backing, and may introduce a little green/turquoise in the edging. I wonder which edging I will use?

Next up, stretchy bracelets! I made one Onyx and Sterling silver bracelet, but had a brainwave last week, and decided that I needed to add to that theme. So far, I’ve made one with Black River Stone and Sterling, then a second with black/clear glass hearts, and a few black matte seed beads (Toho, size 8/0). Now I have three. Of course, three will never be enough, so I’ll definitely add more to the collection. I have some random Sterling beads in the stash, and I think that they will star in their own bracelet. After that, who knows? Lava stone, Obsidian, but I could also mix in some crystals. Oooh!!! See how an obsession is born? With a colour palette of black, grey, crystal, and Sterling silver, how could I possibly go wrong? Later, I could introduce a splash of colour!

July 2021 bead mat update

Results from 14 days into my foray of making copper ink! Recipe from the book “Make Ink” by Jason Logan and Michael Ondaatje. One more week to go!

July 2021 bead mat update

Testing the ink on paper! The top is week 1, and the bottom two, week 2.

July 2021 bead mat update

I was going through some old stash boxes, and found treasure!

I don’t remember where I got these!
Can anyone identify the stone?

Vintage buttons & a length of green, stone chips. Beautiful detail in the buttons, and the chips are delicious.

No real work on my Stitch Meditations last week, but I did manage to visibly mend one section of a favourite pair of jeans. It was in an awkward spot, so my hands are sore, but it was worth it! Both pairs of jeans have been in the repair pile, for longer than I like to admit.

July 2021 bead mat update

Did you know that visible mending is a thing, and patched jeans are very desirable? One more section to go, then I’ll move on to another pair, that had an unfortunate resin accident!

Some of my small paper bowls! The white/gold one is my favourite. I haven’t made any of these lately, but perhaps I should.

The red, and purple ones were formed on thimbles! I wanted to see how small I could go.

Samples of Artist Trading Cards (ATC’s), that I made for a class. The class didn’t run, but I still love the results. I think that I will repurpose, a couple of them as covers for small books. Now, where’s that darned Dremel, and do I have drill bits that are small enough?

2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

My July 2021 Bead Mat Update is finished, but I’m still on the beading train. Of course, I’m also on the mixed media, slow stitch, and reading train, but a girl needs to keep busy! What’s keeping you sane this summer? Anything interesting that you would like to share?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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