Just a Random Update

Some weeks – I get to present you with a nice, tidy, themed update. Entire product lines of this or that.

And some weeks – it’s just random.

This is one of those weeks.

First up – Random nuggets  of Michigan native copper. Michigan’s Keweenaw Peninsula produced the purest native – straight out of the ground – copper ever discovered. Copper is one of the few metals that can be found in veins as relatively pure metal.

Long known and used by the indigenous peoples for both tools and for decorative uses, settlers began much more concentrated mining processes, and “Lake Copper” became the standard by which refined copper was compared.

You get a selection of random pieces of mined native copper – really random, in random shapes. You get about 60 grams or a little more. The photos are representative of 60 grams. The number of pieces and sizes will vary – from 20 to 40 mm. Some will be thin and you can punch a hole though with a metal punch,some will be thicker and more dimensional. Some have holes. Some do not. Some have some verdigris – some do not. It will be … random. 😉

s68738 Random Nuggets -  Michigan Native - Coppers68738 Random Nuggets -  Michigan Native - Copper

If that is a little too random for you – or maybe you need some thing random to go with it, we have these flat, random shaped beads – these have actual, deliberate holes in them. They are a mix of bronze and copper.

s68741 Bead -  Flat Random - Bronze and Copper (15)

Not quite so random, in that they are all the same design, but still – very organic looking.

s68732 Link -  4 Ring Random Cobbles - Brass Ox (5)

Apropos of absolutely nothing at all – these big noodly loopy bails. With an inside diameter of 9.5mm, you can drive a truck through them. Or string anything you want, practically. 

s35329 Bail -  Hammered Tube with Loops - Vermeils34191 Bail -  Hammered Tube with Loops - Sterling Silver

And – what ever you are making – if you need some classy clasps … or spooky, or sentimental?

s40415 Box Clasp -  Daylily - Brasss40416 Box Clasp -  Daylily - Silver plateds40418 Finding - Box Clasp -  Stretch Skull - Sterlings40419 Box Clasp -  Heart Flower - Sterling

Or colorful, coordinating, or contrasting?

s40420 Box Clasp -  Oval Cabochon - Green - Sterling Filleds40421 Box Clasp -  Round Cabochon - Seafoam - Sterling Filleds40422 Box Clasp -  Round Cabochon - Red Speckle - Sterling Filleds68737 Box Clasp -  Round Cabochon - Mottled White and Grey - Sterling Filled

Or, these … O_o

26010818 Clasp & Ribbon Crimp Set -  Giant Lobster / Giant Crimp - Goldplated (Set)26010818-01 Clasp & Ribbon Crimp Set -  Giant Lobster / Giant Crimp - Nickel Coloured (Set)26010817 Clasp & Ribbon Crimp Set -  Giant Lobster / Large Crimp - Goldplated (Set)26010817-01 Clasp & Ribbon Crimp Set -  Giant Lobster / Large Crimp - Nickel Coloured (Set)26010817-01 Clasp & Ribbon Crimp Set -  Giant Lobster / Large Crimp - Nickel Coloured (Set)

As always – all the new stuff is here

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Alternately – place your second (or third, fourth, fifth!) orders as “callback” and we will sort it out and call you for cc info.

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