What the Heck is a Fleegle?

from the Banana Splits

If this is the image that just popped into your head – well – me too. And I think that means we are carbon-dating ourselves.

Nope a fleegle is a fleegle beader – which is a tool for putting beads into your knitting without having to pre-string them. Which appeals to those of us who have a tendency to think of things just a little too late!

When it comes to adding beads to knitting, you can string the beads you want first onto the yarn, and slide a bead up into the stitch or you can use the fleegle tool to put a bead directly over the stitch. The difference in the finished piece is that the fleegled beads are visible on both sides of the knitting, whereas the knitted beads are mostly on the one side.

Of course, as an alternate to using a fleegle, you can futz about with a bit of wire – but why use something you already have when you can buy a lovely tool to do it! (OK – admitted tool junkie here.)

Find the Fleegle Beaders here

If all of that was as clear as mud – check out this short video.

beads, sizes and the wool they fit on.

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