Mixing it Up Again! So, what else is new?

I’m mixing it all up again, and I’m totally unapologetic about the whole thing! But what else is new, because I know that you expect this of me.

I promised you more beading, but got distracted over the long weekend, so didn’t actually do that much. A little reading, a little dreaming, snacking, some napping, and the bare minimum of beading on my butterfly brooch (or will it be a pendant?).

mixing it up again

I did finish the main part of the beading, glued on the Ultra Suede backing, then worked on the edging. Soon!

I forgot to add pin back, under the Ultra Suede. Rats! I will problem solve, then fix!

Did you notice the needle keeper that I used in the butterfly photo? It’s something I made years ago, in one of those ‘what if’ moments. What if I wet felted around an empty thread spool, then embellished with stitch and beads? I completed two, but still have a third waiting to be tarted up (I think that it even has a moth hole in it)! Nothing fancy, just a plastic Coates & Clarke spool. I think that one of them, still had thread on it!

So, here’s a photo of the two I completed. Would I do them differently now? Probably!!

I bought more beads, for my black/clear/silver series of stretchy bracelets, but didn’t feel like working on them, because I was mixing it up again! Perhaps next weekend.

mixing it up again
Wood, plus stone, plus the last Swarovski Pure/Drop Cap in the store!

I have an idea for my version of a leftover necklace, but I’m still collecting the bits, so nothing to show right now.

On the stitching front, here are my latest Doodle Bits! I do love these little things!! They’re this week’s tribute to Stitch Meditations.

mixing it up again

Remember my copper ink experiment? The three weeks are up, so here are the results:

Look at this yummy colour?

Photo looks a bit like a drunken sailor!

It goes milky after stirring. Still delicious though!

After straining, and decanting it into a jar, then leaving it to settle. All it takes is a little shake!

mixing it up again

How about some rusty paper? Or should I say Rus-Tea paper, because the wetting agent was black tea. I think that I might use some of these in one of my hand-made books. I might even add a splash of copper ink.

mixing it up again
mixing it up again

This is what happens when a ho-hum Gelli print, meets Rust-Tea! I love it!

mixing it up again

Well, that’s it for this week, but I will probably be mixing it up again for the next while. What are you doing, and will you be mixing some of it up?

Stay safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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