Waiting for Tomorrow: Because today is a pain!

Waiting for tomorrow is quite the exercise, because today is a definite pain! Wait a minute, but tomorrow is actually today, for the purposes of this blog post. Okay, I’m waiting for today, because it’s actually Tuesday that was the pain.

I can handle the heat, but the humidity is a killer. Plus, we’re expecting unsettled weather, so that means the possibility of weather-related headaches, is always in the forecast. Yesterday’s pain was a doozy, so all I really wanted to do was to lie down, turn the lights out, and wait for tomorrow (which is actually today). But I have a blog post to write, so will persevere.

This project is definitely not waiting for tomorrow, because I finished my butterfly brooch yesterday! I admit that I’m a bit out of practice, but I do like the results.

waiting for tomorrow
It’s far from perfect, but I still like it!

I had an idea, so of course I needed to execute it! So, now I have an armful of black/silver/clear stretchy bracelets. Opelon is my chosen stretch cord, and I definitely love the results. I showed you some of the bracelets last week, but have completed three more in the last few days.

Black Kamagong (Ebony) wood with Sterling Silver

waiting for tomorrow

Black Tourmalinated Quartz pebbles, with Sterling Silver (sorry, but I think that I purchased the last string).

waiting for tomorrow

Czech Rola beads, with 4mm Swarovski bicones. But Preciosa, or Crystal Lane would work as well. The bicones snuggle nicely, into the large holes on the Rolas. The Rolas are larger, so they will protect the crystals from damage.

waiting for tomorrow

A pile of stretchy bracelets!

My cool, new earrings! Made from some of the smaller cabochons in last week’s update (Amazonite, and Blue Peruvian Opal). I love them, and now all I need to do is buy butterfly backs so I can actually wear them. They shouldn’t conflict with my mask, but I won’t know until I try them.

waiting for tomorrow

A few more “Doodle Bits” that I whipped up last night, and will post to the Stitch Meditation group on Facebook! They are quick, and easy to make. Fabric scraps + paper scraps + needle + Perle Cotton/embroidery floss = Doodle Bits! Try them, you’ll like them!

waiting for tomorrow

Have you looked at our Jet Age powders? Here are three that I plan to play with, over the next few weeks. These are all High Temperature ones, so that means that they can be torched (rolled onto molten glass). I don’t do lampwork, but if we say “pretty please”, Dwyn might agree to make a short video.

High Temp can be used for non-high-temp purposes! But don’t try to use the others in a flame!!

I plan to experiment with Ice Resin, Polymer Clay, paint, various adhesives, and varnishes. But what about trying them out on paper, wood, glass, and loads of other surfaces? Wouldn’t that be fun?

Now for my paper adventures!

 A little rust + a spot of tea + my hand-made copper ink! Just playing around, and nothing spectacular, but this definitely has promise.

I haven’t added a thickener to the ink yet. Must actually read the rest of the “Make Ink” book before I do this. I love the colour though!!

Coptic books were on the menu, for last Sunday’s class, but I didn’t get mine finished. More rust + tea on the covers, then again as the first page on each signature (there are eight of them). I’m on track, but need to review the video, to refresh my memory, before picking up the needle again.

I even tea-dyed the linen thread!

I’m finished waiting for tomorrow, my head doesn’t throb as much, and this blog post has ended.  Does the weather affect you as well, and what do you do about it?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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