Tackling the Unknown: Love it or hate it?

Tackling the unknown is one of those love it, or hate it scenarios. You could say that I either love to hate it, or hate to love it!! It all depends.

Of course, I’m always tackling the unknown, because that’s just the way I work. I love a good puzzle, and if I can make something, out of nothing, or dress up something ridiculous, then I’m a happy camper.

My bead collage necklace fits in with that scenario. Take a bunch of lonely leftover beads, then add a pinch of something new to the mix (I this case, Czech Rolas). The bead soup is rich and hearty, and the results are simply fabulous!

My necklace is around 30” long, strung on beading wire, but does not have a clasp. Of course, if you have small children around, or are working with heavy machinery (and if so shake your head, because why would you be wearing a necklace at work?), I would definitely recommend a clasp. No use getting all tied up about the possibilities, but it could be dangerous, so beware!

I wanted this necklace to be totally random! It’s more fun that way.

But look, the bowl is still half full (or is it half empty?)! I guess that means that I will need to make another necklace, or two. When that happens, I will be able to wear them individually, or combined for a totally different look.

My little Coptic bound book, from last Sunday’s class with Cherryl Moote! I simply love it! The covers, and the outside of each of the 8 signatures, were rusted with tea (as the wetting agent, instead of vinegar). The rest of the pages are papers from my resume writing days (a long, long time ago). Waste not, want not!

tackling the unknown
tackling the unknown
Do you see the image of a dress?
tackling the unknown
Look at all that white space!
I plan to make either a wrap, or case for this book. I don’t want to spoil all that luscious rust, with any other type of closure.

Will I ever write or draw in my book? Who knows!! I don’t often have the urge to write down my deepest thoughts, and my handwriting is rather pedestrian. Perhaps I will scribble down little vignettes, while brushing up my drawing skills! However, I do know that I will make more of these books, because I really enjoy stitching the spine, and the book lays perfectly flat, when open.

How about this little collection? What do you suppose I will do with it?

I proposed a little experiment on the Stitch Meditations Facebook group. I asked if anyone had ever stitched a piece, entirely from the back? This seemed to confuse and kerfuffle a few people, so I decided to give them an example. The white is the back, then the coloured side is the front of the piece. I stitched from the back.

tackling the unknown
tackling the unknown
Back, and this is where I stitched.

Now I’m just waiting to see how many others take up the challenge! However, into the component box this little piece will go…

Based on a conversation with Dan, I decided to start a bit of a series on Jet Age Powders, Creative Arts Pigments. They do excite a few people, but others just don’t seem to get it!! Both Dwyn and I think they’re fabulous! There are different types, and I plan to explore them a little on this, and future blog posts. I will post the results of my experiments, and will enlist Dwyn’s help, when a little video assist is needed. There’s going to be a little something for everyone!

Let’s start with the Lumiere Lusters, High Temp Powders – They are colour shifting, heat resistant, and made from metal oxide powders and flakes. They are magical, and work (and look yummy) on lampwork, soft glass, and Boro glass. However, they can also be used with resin, Crystal Clay, Polymer Clay, Quick Cure Clay, Artist’s Concrete, and possibly even nails. I have tried them with resin, but nothing else so far. I plan on testing everything except the nails. Those are in Dwyn’s territory!! I will report my results.

tackling the unknown
You would need to flip to the back to see the “High Temp”. Either that or just look at the label, on the little plastic bag it came in.

I plan to give them a workout, over the next few weeks, to see if I can come up with any other applications.

Tackling the unknown is something I thrive on, so watch this space for the results of my experiments. Better still, order up a few little pots of this magic, and try it out for yourself. I guarantee that it will be fun, but be careful not to breathe on it! They’re not toxic, but a puff of air could cause a sparkly, magical storm.

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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