What’s Old is New!

What’s old is new, at least to some of you! I’ve been bouncing around a bit, so I thought that you would like to see some of my work from the early days. This post will be a mix of the old, and the new!

I’ll start out with the new, then talk a bit about some of my older projects. If you’ve seen them before, my apologies, but I’m hoping that some are old enough, that they will be fresh inspiration.

I designed this bracelet, in response to the new Polymer Clay, Vinyl Heishi beads that Dwyn introduced a couple of weeks ago. They’ve been flying off the wall, as they’re quite the rage with the going back to school set. But I also wanted to also elevate them, to prove to Dwyn that adults would appreciate them as well. I will write up the “Inspiration” notes on the weekend, so that they can be posted. The ideas are flowing, so watch for more heishi projects in the future.

what's old is new

Yes, I’m still flogging the Jet Age powders! But that’s only because I love them, and want to share my little experiments. I know that I promised to show you the ‘baked’ version of the polymer clay pendants, but I kept forgetting to buy the aluminum baking pans. Watch for them next week!

I made these molds:

Ammonite fossil –

what's old is new

 Vintage Button –

what's old is new

Stone Cabochon –

what's old is new

Another wee dragon! The mold was gifted to me.

what's old is new

A trio of Doodle Bits (my homage to Stitch Meditations)!

Three book form pockets (inspired by Japanese Meishi (credit card) folders), perfect for stashing away secret stuff. The rectangular form was an accident. Sorry Cherryl!

Scribbling with acrylic inks!
I love how the ink bloomed, after I added the watercolours!
Gelli printed mono print using acrylic paints!

Now the old, in “what’s old is new”.


what's old is new

Bowl and leaf!

what's old is new

I made this little wall hanging years ago, but I still miss it!

what's old is new

I’ll see you next week!

Stay safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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