September 2021 Bead Mat Update: The bead goes on!

My September 2021 bead mat update is going to get a little nostalgic, so be prepared to see that the beat goes on! The reality is that I’ve been busy with non-beading/stitching activities, so I really don’t have much new to show you. However, I do have some ideas that I’d like to explore, that relate to past projects.

I’m back working on my free form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece, but that’s all the current beading that I have to show this week.

But, remember this Butterfly and Ladybug piece from a while back? It still needs a pin back, and I hope to stitch one on, then write up an “Inspiration” in the near future. It’s about time! Besides, I feel guilty every time I spot it, so I’m making sure that it’s quite visible. Do you think that will make my plan work?.

I’m teaching in-person again, and held my first Resin workshop last Saturday. Only two students (the other two had to cancel), but we had an awful lot of fun! No photos of student work, but I do have my demo pieces, to show you for the September 2021 bead mat update. For colourants, I used MetalFX powders, acrylic ink, and alcohol ink. Sorry, no Jet Age Powders this time, but they’re still my favourite!!

September 2021 bead mat update

My favourite piece of the day, features clear Ice Resin, paper collage, a rose, and some itty bitty watch bits!!

September 2021 bead mat update

I want to start on some larger pieces, but have been struggling with direction. So, I took a walk through my UFO (unfinished objects) bin, and that started the wheels turning.

The felt pieces will be a playground for both beading, and embroidery. I did consider slashing, and re-configuring the large vessel, but I think that I will hold on that idea for now.

September 2021 bead mat update
A shrunken tea cozy!
September 2021 bead mat update
Still a bit damp from it’s bath!
September 2021 bead mat update
I love the squiggly tail!!

I will heavily embroider the fabric pieces (a Stitch Meditation opportunity), but I’m not sure about beads. Definitely not on the rusted piece!

September 2021 bead mat update
September 2021 bead mat update
Rust dyed on a old saw blade!

Wouldn’t you know it? After I decided on a plan for my older pieces, I had a eureka moment, and have thought up a new series! No detail yet, but I will be plotting and planning. Keep tuned!!

My September bead mat update is finished, but I’m just starting on my new/old directions. My muse is musing, and I’m ready to listen!! As I said earlier, the beat goes on, or should I say the bead goes on? Do you have any plans for either working on UFOs, or changing direction? Please share!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

AMD out!

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