Falling for Creativity: Is not a bad thing!!

Falling for creativity, is not a bad thing! If it was, how else would I fill my time?

I want my legacy to be a creative life! I’m not always organized! But does it really matter?

When I’m falling for creativity, I like to have my tools in sight, and within reach.

Paints, and inks are corralled in see-through, plastic storage bins. Papers are stacked on shelves, and fabric scraps live in bins. I store seed beads in a drawer unit, but I am looking at other solutions. I wish that I had more space, but ideas are percolating!

My purple orb is finished, but I’m thinking of designing a workshop.

falling for creativity
falling for creativity
falling for creativity
falling for creativity
falling for creativity
falling for creativity

How about this fall themed, free form, ruched orb? It still needs beads, but I don’t own the right colour!

falling for creativity

As all of this slow, hand stitch is contemplative, I’ve included them in the Stitch Meditation group.

My latest, free form peyote “Dancing” piece update.

I still have lots of leftover bead soup. How about a third necklace, or perhaps a bracelet or two.

I showed you my felted folly last week, but just look at how much fun I’m having embellishing it? But how will I know how to stop?

Side One:

Side Two:

Another simple, troublesome bracelet! The first was too small, then I dropped a bead on the second. I’m giving it one more chance, then it’s done!!

I am still falling for creativity, but I must admit that my progress is slow. I still want to rust-dye some fabric and paper this week, and do a little Gelli printing. How are you feeling about your creativity, now that the garden is almost put to bed? Do you have more time to play?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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