Mush Butts!

Mushroom Buttons – adorbs rounded beads that sort of resemble buttons, kind of look like mushrooms, could be drops, would be fab in bead embroidery.

And, of course, “Mush Butts” is fun to say. Teach it to any 5-year-old you meet.

These are old stock – they have been lurking in the server room for some significant length of time now. (Because – our server room has beads in it. Of course it does.)

These are the bigger, 6x9mm ones too. Substantial. I really love the way they look all organic when strung together, kind of octopus tentacley, but softer and rounder and less scary. Don’t get me wrong, I like octopuses, I think they are way cool, but on the other side of the glass please. Not me in
there with them. So, it goes without saying – as these are old stock – we won’t be able to restock them.

s69609 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Magic Topaz (25)s69613 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Jet Apollo (25)s69614 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Jet Blue Picasso (25)s69620 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Picasso Beach Mix (25)

s69621 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Silky Silver (25)s69622 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Silky Gold (25)s69619 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Matte Celsian Autumn Mix (25)s69618 Glass Drops - 9x8mm Mushroom Button - Antique Ivory Picasso (25)

Other odds and ends this week:

Pegasus Pendant. This leaping flying pony is handsome enough to just hang on a chain. Nice gift for the holiday season – if you are thinking that way, hmmm?

s69623 Pendant -  Pegasus Soaring - Stainless Steel

No – these are not thimbles – they are big end-caps – 11mm inside diameter. We are constantly on the look-out for end caps big enough for your fattest beaded ropes, kumi-projects and multiple-strand

s69624 End Cap Flowers and Lace Bell ID 11mm - Bright Silver (2)s69625 End Cap Flowers and Lace Bell ID 11mm - Bright Gold Plated (2)

Wings – wings are cool – and these are calling to me like ducks flying south. I am thinking something like two of these – one facing east, one facing west, and a beaded duck hanging between?

s69626 Pendant -  Open Wing - Matte Gold

While these look like nets, they are more like scales – a cool connector piece that has great possibilities as a link or to dangle beads from.

s69627 Link / Connector -  Mermaid Scales - Silver (10)

And last, but most absolutely not least – these Royal Phoenixes are, well – glorious. A little over 2 inches tall, and with 6 loops on the back! – and they come in left and right!

s69628 Pendant -  Phoenix - Left - Royal Blue - Golds69629 Pendant -  Phoenix - Right - Royal Blue - Gold

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