Flying on Empty: Or so it seems!

Is flying on empty a real thing? I think so, because that’s what I’ve been doing. Am I feeling it because of the social isolation of Covid, or does it have something to do with the aging process? Nah, must be Covid!

I decided to take a week off, but didn’t go far, or do very much (despite my big plans). I wandered around the beach, and drove to Belleville to visit a friend (on two separate days). Both were fun, but I was a slug the other days.

I met a little friend, who was nice enough to pose for me!

I must admit that I wasn’t all that creative, although my muse is trying her hardest.

I’m experimenting with UV resin, but don’t have all that much to show yet. This is a small, open-backed pendant, that I worked in layers of resin, and other stuff (white resin, Jet Age Powder, sand, and Nepps (little woolly bits). It has possibilities, but I need to spend more time with it.

flying on empty

I added more acrylic paint layers, on the copper pieces that I showed you a couple of weeks ago. I might stop here, or even add more layers, before I top coat it with Ice Resin. What do you think?

flying on empty

I used this grimy Gelli Plate to print on the copper. Of course, I did other things to prep it, but I’m not ready to share the details yet, because I’m still not sure that I’m satisfied. More play to follow!

What do you think of my fall, ruched orb, now that I’ve added beads? Too much, or just enough?

flying on empty

I wasn’t flying on empty, when I decided to stitch on a stone! This time, I’m not even trying to coordinate the fabrics, but digging in the scrap basket, to pull out colourful treasure! I admit to trimming the pieces to size though, because otherwise it would get too bulky. Freeform satin stitch, by hand, is very time consuming. I haven’t done that much of it, so I consider this a practice Stitch Meditation piece.

flying on empty

Still more embroidery on my wet felted folly! I will add more stitches, and even a few beads. I’m close to the finish line!

flying on empty
flying on empty

I’m thinking of using the folly, as a cover for one of my handmade books (thanks Cherryl, for the suggestion). Of course, I will need to make a very special book to fit inside!

I didn’t think that I had enough to share this week, so how about some photos from the past?

One of my very old, paper bead necklaces. My necklaces are all gathering dust because of Covid. Who dresses up anymore?

An intuitive bead embroidered leaf, from one of my favourite Bead Journal Project series. Yes, the focal is a squashed bottle cap, that I picked up off the street!

A Kumihimo wrap bracelet, made with torn strips of cotton fabric.

It eventually stretched a little too much, but it does look nice here!

 A reminder that the leaves are about to fall.

That’s it for flying on empty, because I think that I’m working my way out of the rut! I might not get immediately into intense beading, but I did purchase two on-line art classes, that I’m looking forward to working through. What do you do to chase away the doldrums?

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!


  1. Bennett McCardle

    Anne Marie, I understand feelings of isolation and non-creativeness. But I find that wearing my favourite necklaces, even for myself alone, makes me feel happy – so I do that almost daily.

    That silver-grey one of yours, I’d put on any chance I got!

    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks Bennett! I think that it’s not so much the isolation, but perhaps the fact that I relate jewelry to ‘dressing up’, and I haven’t been doing much of that lately. But no worries, because we’re back in the store, winter is coming, and my necklaces are more suited to sweaters, and blouses. I just can’t get into wearing them with t-shirts. LOL!

  2. Pat in Winnipeg

    Your felted folly is gorgeous! The most original piece I’ve seen in ages. Ha! I thought it was a cloche-style hat.

    I’m experiencing a similar sense of inertia, but am sad to say I haven’t found a path back to creativity. Your musings and trial projects inspired me. Perhaps the trick is to just pick something and start. Thanks for your post.

    BTW, long beads look great with plain tees, but the combo needs lipstick to ramp up the look a notch.

    1. Anne Marie

      Thanks Pat! I’ve held onto that piece for far longer than you would ever believe. Something was telling me that it needed to be something, and I believe that it’s going to be a cover for a handmade book.

      As for the inertia, doing a creative task, other than your normal creative outlet, is always good. Sometimes that’s all you need to get the engines revving again. If that doesn’t work, tell yourself that you deserve a rest, then schedule a creative session, a couple of weeks down the line. No pressure to do anything, but at least it’s scheduled. You can always move the date if your muse still isn’t talking to you.

      I agree with the long beads, and do have some (mainly amulet, or Boho style ones), but no can do with the lipstick. Lipstick makes a real mess on the masks. LOL! I look forward to not wearing them one day.

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